10 Basic Time Management Skills Everyone Need To Follow

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When we go our basics of the problems, out of many things the topmost thing listed is poor time management. The preciousness of time can only be felt when we don’t have any. It would be really hard to find punctual people nowadays.

The basis of lack of time management is that we leave our work to the next day. This not only gives your mind the freedom to think something else that does not matter at that time, but also the set of the routine is affected. If we come to count, disadvantages of gadgets are not far from advantages. In fact, they are the most dominant things that waste our time. Following are few tips to manage your time properly.

1. To Do List

The confined form of whatever you have to do your whole day would keep you on track. When your mind would be occupied with the things to do, it would automatically set up the reward of free time for Netflix when everything is done. This would ensure you would complete all the things that need to be done, rather than delaying them.

2. Divide Time

Proper time should be allocated to work, studies, kids, social media and friends. To be honest, most of our time is consumed by social media and television. It’s really not your fault, it’s just that these things are really attractive and doesn’t let us go. Maybe reasoning can solve the problem. Just give time to all your priorities. If even, you are taking more time than planned, start wrapping up so everything can be done in the day and sense of productivity emerges in you.

3. Wear A Watch

The obvious thing in managing time. Even though our cell phones have time on them, they are the major source of distraction from our objectives. The watch all day on your wrist would remind you of the time passing without the alarm sound. The realisation of time would become obvious. Besides wearing a watch is considered in a decent fashion, just make sure it works.

Wear A Watch

4. Set Proper Sleeping Schedule

When on a time schedule, it is important to wake up early in the morning for an amazing time boost. You can be productive and achieve most of your goal even before anyone else start their day! It’s important to get good sleep. Make sure to keep yourself healthy and fresh. Tired and worn out mind would only crave Instagram and Netflix.

5. Learn to Say No!

Probably one of the most important point on the list. Don’t let anyone else set your schedule for you, rather do it for yourself. There is nothing wrong to say no if you have a plan to complete your assignment on Friday night. Believe me, you will not lose your friends if you say no. You don’t have to be so direct, just learn some humble sentences like ‘thanks for asking but I have to… I cant now but I could on…’, something like that.

6. Sticky Notes

If you tend to forget things, just write them on the sticky notes and stick them on the fridge or wardrobe. The constant reminder would be really helpful and everything will work your way. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Sticky Notes

7. Use Apps

There are many apps out there on which you can set your schedule of the day. Download one and set timers. Even if you dont want to, remainders can easily be set throughout the day.

8. Stop Destractions

Cell phones without a doubt are on top of the list of destractions. Turn it off doing work is preferable. And if important calls are excpected, put it on silent mode upside down on the table. Make sure to complete all your work before a football match. Give work and friends equal time but full attention.

9. Priortize

Do this, and everything fall into the place. The truth is, it is easier to say than do. Priortise every moment, analizing if you should do something at that moment. In order to do so, start with one thing, like to sleep at eleven or not. If the answer is yes, give priorty to your decision no matter what. One thing when correct, continue with the second. Make time management your habbit.

10. Be Sure To Follow

Everything in the above list would be useless if you are not determined to do so yourself. One, make ‘to do list’ that comes into your comfort zone and contains everything the schrdule. Two, which is more important, ne be sure to follow it. Without this, i would be useless to do all the effort. Just tell yourself that you have to do everything no matter what.

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