10 Benefits Of Reading Books

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As we step into our adulthood and practical life, we seem to say goodbye to books. Or even as a student, mostly reading is limited to whatever the course outline has given us. This, in my opinion, is a flaw, which has given us the training to just read books in exchange for grades.

When was the last time you have read a book? Or there is a book waiting to be touched and is sitting on the side table for an embarrassingly long time. This article would (hopefully) motivate to read books.

1. Mental Stimulation

There a lot of exercises that keep our body fit and healthy. Likewise, our mind also needs exercise to keep healthy and active, which obviously can’t be done with the regular exercise we do. Hence, books are the exercise for our mind. They make us think outside the box. Puzzled and riddles are also included in the list that helps in mental stimulation.

2. Knowledge

This is obvious, the more you read, the more knowledge you have. Reading non-fiction would open your mind and help you think in new directions. As far as fiction and novels are included, you would have a better understanding of situations and how to tackle them. Moreover, you will have more to talk about besides how was your day.

3. Stress Reduction

No matter how much stressed up and angry you are, books can be a great stress reliever. It might be difficult for you first, but as you actually figure out what is written, it would divert your attention from the problems of life. Good, the novel was written, better you are to transport in other realms. A well-written novel would definitely divert your mind.

Stress Reduction

4. Vocabulary Expansion

The number of books read is directly proportional to vocabulary expansion. This would, in turn, would make you articulate. Being so and well-spoken can help you a lot in professional life and knowing that you can speak high-ups would boost up your self-confidence and self-esteem. It could aid your career and would most likely to get you promotion as compared to those you have lack of knowledge and not much useful o talk about.

5. Focus And Concentration

Reading is a great practice for developing concentration. Especially that part of the book when all the voices calling you are meaningless and you are just concerned with ‘will she fall off the cliff or he will be there for her in time’.
Contrary to our attention when using phones and computers, when we are focused on our chat on messenger and wattspp with the article we are reading side by side with different adds we are cancelling. This splitting of our focus cost us dearly and we don’t even realize. The average focus span of human concentration is reduced to 9 seconds, which is the average focus span of goldfish!

Try using this method. Keep your brain on track by reading a book for just 20-25 minuted before going to work. You would feel an understandable difference of before and after.

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6. Writing Skills

This would not only be good for those people who have anything to do something related to writing, but also to those who don’t. Getting know of decent ways to write something can be handy in any part of life. The readability of such content is immediately eye-catching and would make the reader to actually read what is written. No matter who is reading. Your boss, colleagues or a friend.

Writing Skills

7. Memory

When you read a book, your mind is focused on the story, the characters, the plot and the sequence of events. Sure that is not much to remember but our brain is amazing. It takes all of the productive work as its training. The fun fact related to all this is that when a memory is stored in the brain, which is in the form of brain pathways, new ones are formed while the previously existing are strengthen which assist in short-term memory, resulting in stabilizing moods. Phenomenal right?

8. Analytical Thinking

This skill is mostly developed in mysterious novels when you create the ending even before the book is finished by analyzing the story you are reading. Knowing the story and the characters and judging them is also helping in analytical thinking. As mentioned before, the brain takes anything productive as training. So as a result, you would get better at tackling difficult situations considering all aspects of situations.

Analytical Thinking

9. Tranquillity

Getting your mind off everything that gives tension and stress is a great point of reading a book. Whatever you would feel when reading a book would be whatever the writer would want to make you feel. Likewise when reading any spiritual context would surely provide the inner peace you are looking for.

10. Significant Entertainment

Reading a book is as entertaining as watching a movie. Better when you want some time alone for yourself. The best of all this is that if you find the library overwhelming, just download a book on your phone or computer and enjoy with unlimited content to read from!

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