10 Best Freelancing Websites For Job Hunt

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Millions of people have found the countless opportunity and benefits of freelancing, whether it’s for looking another way of paying bills, professional development or just the freedom freelancing offers. The trend of digital nomad has reached its climax and the number of freelance resources has grown with it as well.

There are sufficient guides for striking out on your own. However, as a freelancer, getting the towering paying gigs in not just the matter of signing to these platforms. You would have to establish the portfolio of past work. You would have to prove yourself by going through many tests. Here’s the list of best 15 sites to find work as a freelancer.

1. Upwork

Probably the first site to come up when the term ‘freelancing job’ would come up. With over 1 million clients, there is something that Upwork offers for every type of freelancer. It provides with both short and long-term project, entry-level, expert-level, hourly or per project work, anything. It does not matter where you are, Upwork would definitely have something for you.

2. Toptal

Toptal more precisely for talented freelancers, with the different approach than other services on the list. Advancing in the Topal’s screening process ensure you to enter the realms of meaningful projects with great clients (Zendesk, Airbnb, JPMorgan) and fair compensation. You will also get the access to join the Toptal’s community for the regular meetups and tech events.

3. Elance

Elance frees you from a lot of hassle when it comes to freelancing. Where the fact that you will be able to make your profile right away without going through any hoops is great enough, the enjoyment of the payment protection to make sure you are paid for hours work to more than great.

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4. Freelancer

In addition to offer millions of project, unlike other platforms, Freelancers give you the opportunity to compete with other freelancers that would be sure to improve your skills. If you are competitive and have the spirit to prove yourself, this is the right stage for you to showcase your ability and engage more clients.

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5. Craigslist

Craigslist, by most people, is seen as just a platform to buy and sell different miscellaneous things. It is actually a pronounced source of freelance job. You can effortlessly search for the local offerings if you want something in-office, or you can browse by major cities if you prefer to work remotely.

6. Guru

This platform can effortlessly showcase your past work experience and present daily job-matching attributes that ensure that you don’t miss out any opportunity. The Guru Work Room helps you manage your work easily.

7. 99designs

A great platform for freelance designers, 99design allow you to participate in the design contest and get feedback as clients choose the foremost ones. It’s an exceptional way for talented designers to prove their talents.

8. Peopleperhour

Targeting the freelancing for the web designing, it is a special platform. If you are an SEO specialist, designer, web designer etc., Peopleperhour is definitely worth checking out.

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9. Freelance Writing Gigs

Regardless of what you are, writer, blogger, editor, publisher or any combination of those, Freelance Writing Gigs is a great option for those who have their way with words.

10. Demand Media

As the name suggests, Demand Media is the platform for all the creatives out there, including writers, photographers, filmmakers, producers and more. You work with the site to fabricate unique content, attract audiences and promote your talents.

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