10 Coldest Countries In The World

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As the world is (kind of) settled for winter this year, why don’t treat them with much more colder countries for the chilling experience? That is if you don’t actually live in those countries. Besides, human beings have progressed that much to survive well in this kind cold. And by cold, I mean really cold.

Here is some collection of the Coldest countries in the world, that surely give you the chilly experience!

1. Antarctica

Not sure if it’s a country, but Antarctica is sure to be listed in the world’s coldest and freezing places. Surprisingly (or not), the temperature can drop to minus 90-degree Celsius! The snow rules the land all around the year hence called the snowy desert. It’s so cold, that no one lives there. People either go there for a research or they are there for tourism. Besides that, It has no commercial industries, no towns or cities, no permanent residents, people only go there for the experience.

2. Russia

It is the uphill task for the people of Russia to survive and pass the most severe winter that the world has ever seen. After Antarctica, Russia is categorised because of the uphill and bitter temperature can drop up to minus 40-degree Celcius in winters and can even go to minus 3-degree Celcius in the peak summers! Russia befits the slot of the second coldest country in the world.

3. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a very dry climate, the winter there is also dry. The snow may be only a few centimetres deep with one or two snowfalls a winter that was perhaps 50 cm deep in Almaty. Sometimes the harsh rain and icing cold lead the country to frostbite. The minimum temperature can get to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

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4. Estonia

The winters in Estonia range from 0 to minus 20-degree Celcius, above this temperature, is not really considered as winter. Essentially, Estonia is living in the in one of the coldest countries in the country. The rain dramatically lowers the temperature. The warmest temperature recorded in Estonia is 16 degrees Celcius in July!

5. Mongolia

The climate of Mongolia is usually cold and the average temperature is less than zero degree Celsius, the average. The winters are usually dry and can go to extreme typically ranging from -20°C to – 45°C degrees. Even when cold, winters in Mongolia are considered beautiful.

6. Greenland

The massive ice sheets that cover the land throughout the year does not even allow the sunlight to penetrate the region. The average temperature throughout the year is almost 9-degree Celsius, the average. The autumn and spring are so short that it’s unable to predict the temperature and climate. Same is the case with the summers where the temperatures range between 5° and 15° Celsius. The warmest temperature recorded there is 24-degree Celcius.

7. Finland

The country is covered in snow for whole four months. The winters in Finland are quite severe. Permanent snow covers let go of the grounds about two weeks after winter begins. The good thing about is that only the winters are really cold. The summers are quite bearable and do give the summer-y feeling.

8. Canada

The winters and the chilling climate in Canada are similar to that of America. However, considering the point that its position is further up north from America, things get a little more freezing. Thankfully, only winters are really to considered winter, other than that, summers are bearable.

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9. United States Of America

Becoming numb due to cold is possible in the USA. New York os the snowiest big city of the country. The extreme chilling conditions can affect the life of the people with super heavy snowfall. With the temperature dropping to minus 60-degree Celsius in Alaska and the thick layer of snow sparring nothing in Washington DC are some factors that make USA one of the coldest countries in the world.

10. Iceland

Iceland is called Iceland for reason, the name itself is enough to portray how cold the country really is. The cold winds from the north pole do not let it’s temperature to become warm. This country, however, has a warm summer that compensates all the coldness of the winters.

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