10 Dogs For Family That Are Perfect You’ll Love

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Who doesn’t love pets? They are adorable. Well, there are also other ones but there are also cute ones. And when it comes to dogs, there can’t be anything cuter, although the non-cuter ones are also available.

Choosing the right dog for the family is important. There are many factors that determine the right dog for the family. There are ones that are good with adults, and there are ones that are good with kids. Some are okay with people of every age. This impact should be the right breed for you.

Same is the case with the size of the dog along with the energy level. Safety of the family, age of the dog and ongoing care also stumble whilst determining the right member for the family. Here are the top ten breeds that are best suitable for kids and family.

10. Bulldog

Perfect for social and busy families, bulldogs are perfect for kids with their friendly nature. They can be comfortable with big houses and small apartments. Most of them are humble with the outsiders. One thing to take would be the compressed nature of the jaw which would need detailed attention for the cleanup. And there is also snoring and wheezing, along with some drool of course.

9. Beagle

Dogs of the small size that are really easy to carry might be the right choice for your family. They have a high energy level and would keep your kids busy with outdoor activities. All they want to do is explore the world and keep themselves bust with all kind of games.  They are also good with other pets. However, one thing to keep in mind would be that they keep shedding. Hence bathing and brushing are recommended.

8. Bull Terrier

Friendly towards kids and adults alike, bull terrier and well-framed for children who are learning how to treat a dog properly. However, they can become mischievous when it comes to small animals.

7. Collie

Collie, dog for a family
Collie, dog for a family

This breed of dogs is best for the families that are unfamiliar with dogs. Easily trainable, mannered and rarely misbehaving are the reasons for it. Collie was, however, originally bred for herding so you might notice them herding your children. Amusing at first can become stubborn later. Hence, keep obedience training in mind for them.

6. Newfoundland

The most intelligent breed of dogs and also known as mother Theresa of the dogs are perfect with children and also protective of them. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these large and loving dogs. Although they shed a lot, they don’t like to be out and love inside the house with their families.

5. Vizsla

You may not have heard of them in the list of the family breed. But they should most probably be with their obedient, friendly, smart and bonding nature. Their super active nature would keep the older children busy with them.

4. Irish Setter

A breed filled with a lot of positive things for the families. It’s energy, friendly nature with adults and the children both maybe the reason for it. They love to play so much that they hate to be left alone.

3. Poodle

Poodle, dog for family
Poodle, dog for a family

Dogs for family


This obedient and friendly dog comes in standard and miniature size, so you can pick anyone with your comfort. Every size comes with the perk. They might be heavy on your wallet for their grooming purpose.

2. Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular breeds for families, and for good reason. They are playful, patient, reliable, protective, loving and take training well. You might need an extra room for them to play and run around. Whatever the variety maybe, they are sure to be the perfect one for your family.

1. Golden Retriever

There is a reason that Golden Retriever is constantly on top of the list in the family breed. They are flowing with all the needs of a family. Kinds fall instantly in love with these loving and protective dogs. They prefer to stay indoors. These are one of the perfect dogs for the family.

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