10 Good Reasons To Learn A New Language

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In the world population of more than 7.5 billion, 40% are monolingual; a person who speaks only one language. This may not seem much, but we are talking about the world which has mixed and most shared cultures that have ever been in history.

It is no secret that learning a new language is way more outside of most of our comfort zone. Even thinking about learning a new language is intimidating. But these people may not be aware of the fact that 43% of the world’s population speaks two languages, that too fluently and efficiently. Asking around, you will find more reasons to not to learn a language that to learn it. If you can’t find one, let me give you loads!

1. Enter The Realm Of Job Opportunities

Speaking a foreign language would immediately set you apart from other job applicants. As mentioned before, with the help of the internet, the cultures of the world are introduced to one another. This also means that the companies would prefer the employee who would be able to speak a foreign language of the country they are trying to expand their business to.

You can be that one cool person who goes abroad because you have “business” to attend to. Even in smaller companies, people with the ability to speak more than one language would be given special attention.

2. Brain Booster

This too is not much of a confidential thing out there. While some people may think that learning a new language is a blockage to children’s learning, its a myth. There are tons of study out there that prove that learning a language can be considered the best exercise for the brain. And it does not depend on the age, it will work fine with any age. Longer attention span, memory improvement, and a reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline are just a few of many positive effects of speaking two or more language.

3. Cross-Cultural Friendships

You may have a foreign friend who you speak with English. You may be good friends but cannot really take a step ahead than just a ‘good’ friendship. If you are interested in making foreign friends, start by speaking their language even if it’s just a few words. You would be surprised to see how much of a deep connection you would develop with that person.

Okay, you can’t learn every language in the world. There are too many. But just pick one, in the culture you are really interested in and go for it! You would definitely not regret it.

4. Get an Outsider’s Perspective about Your Own Culture

White would never have been considered as white if there was no black. It is the same as asking a fish ‘how’s water?’ Of course, they would not any water, they have not been exposed to other realities.

know different cultures

To get a deep and intimate perspective about your culture, you need to know other’s culture first. And this goes beyond than just googling about cultures. Most people tend to underestimate their own culture. See it from a different perspective to really know the truth, or more like get closer to it.

5. Become More Interesting

The multilingual person would be one step ahead of monolingual one if there was any match of who is interesting. People tend to approach multilingual people more to ask them why did they really even decided to learn a new language in the first place. They would like to know your experience to see if they are capable enough to do it themselves. Trust me, you would have more variation in conversation, and you wouldn’t even need to struggle of finding one.

6. Stay Smart in Tourist Areas

Believe it or not, there is a chance to be hassled by the touts, even if there are generally warm and nice people. This single thing may ruin your mood really bad. Try the magic of speaking to the natives with their native language. It would do wonders. Even you are not very fluent and struggle to speak their language, the service you would get there would definitely make the experience unforgettable.

7. Become a Better Learner

When you would through the series of ‘sufferance’ learning a language, you would get exposed to many dos and don’ts that would clear your path of learning. Not just the field of learning a language but the other learning experiences as well. You will become a better learner. Maybe go to another language when done with the first one. It will definitely get easier than first. Who knows? you are on your way to become a polyglot!

8. Make Better Decisions

Human beings are emotional. There is no way around it. Emotions get in our way of decisions, especially when there are emotions involved. However, when you would get to think about the situation in another language, you would get to ‘think’. This ‘thinking’ may get you off the track of the emotional side and get you to the logical side of the situation.

9. Enjoying Work Of Art

Just looking, you would find loads of amazing stuff out there to enjoy other than Hollywood. Whether it be anime of different countries, or k-pop and k-drama, Magna, Swah rap, the world is filled with creative work other than English. Trust me when I say this, you would be shocked to know what is lost in subtitles and translation. Enjoy the work of art in their original taste. You would not regret it.

10. Challenge Yourself

Life starts beyond your comfort zone. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. There would be double and triple reasons to not learn a language than to learn. Challenge yourself to do more and different. Go beyond your comfort zone to get a different perspective of life itself. Rember its not about not having time, its about setting your priorities.

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