10 Hair Myths You Should Kick Out Of Your Brain Right Now

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Hair, without a doubt, is considered as personality carrying feature. Many of us are ready to spend our precious money or follow any advice that would be good for our hair. Some say not to wash our hair with the shampoo frequently, or it would get greasy more. Some would say that mayo would surely the best for volume, but in the end, they are still as flat as ever.

We are living in pretty much many hair theories. Who knows, many things you have known all your life might be not as trustworthy as it looks and should be considered hair myths.

1. The More You Cut You Hair The Faster It Grows

It might the most common hair myth out there. And yes, that’s not true.  There is no connection between cutting and making the hair grow faster. Why? Because hair grows from roots not from tips. Hence trimming would not give any effect to the scalp. Cutting hair would surely give hairdo. The average speed of hair growth is 1.5 inches per month. If you trim your hair every month for them to speed, don’t do it. You might even cause them to become shorter.

Comparable to the believe, shaving your hair does not affect the hair density. Hair follicles are a genetic thing.

2. Natural Hair Drying Is Better Than Hair Blow Drying

When the word ‘better’ come up, do question better for what or whom? As far as blow drying is concerned, it depends on the length and density of hair. If you have short hair then it is better to let your hair dry naturally. If you happen to have long hair, blow hair drying is not a bad idea as naturally drying the hair would take a long time. Water hair penetrated the hair and drive out the keratin molecules making them brittle and dry.

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3. Hair Gets Used To The Shampoo

One of the most popular myths out there, that too with no scientific proof. We all know that like nails, hair is made up of dead cells. That means that they can not get addicted. So if you wash your hair with a shampoo for a long time, it would not effect if they get dirty or have slow or fast growth.  Sure, there are many factors that can influence this. But not any particular brand that your hair can get used to.

4. Dry Scalp Is The Cause Of Dandruff

The myth would become totally ridiculous when the truth comes out. Dandruff usually lands on people with oily scalp. So when dandruff happens to knock at the door, stop using oils. It would worsen the situation.

5. Frequent Combing Heals Hair

Frequent Combing Heals Hair

This myth originated from old times when the women didn’t really have hygienic habits. So brushing was considered as the substitute for washing the hair. In fact, that combing evenly distributes the scalp oil all over the hair that makes them dirty faster. Frequent combing can so much harm by causing split ends, therefore, it’s better to comb when it’s needed. However, a small amount of combing can distribute the oil over the hair making them look naturally shiny and not dirty.

6. Taking Care Of Your Hair Would Make Them Thicker

Don’t be fooled by false TV commercials that are promising the products that will make your hair thicker. The stuff is genetic. The number of hair follicles on your hair is totally genetic.

7. The More Often You Wash Your Hair The Oiler It Becomes

If something works for others doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Because just like curls, thickness and colours, the amount of oil released by the scalp depends from person to person.

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8. If You Tear Out A Grey Hair, Two Or Three Will Come In Its Place

Some hair myths would follow us everywhere. We need to apply logic in this case. If anyone really believes that, then it means that grey hair has evil powers. It’s a cursed thing and calls out his cousins whenever its pulled out. Why doesn’t this happen to normal hair? Anyways, we can not damage the follicle to take out two hair out of its place.

9. Cool Water Closes The Cuticles And Hair Becomes Smooth

Some hair myths seem ridivulous when the real cause is found out. Same logic apply to every other myth. Hair is made up of dead tissue. Neither hot nor cold water can affect it.

10. Hair Ends Can Be Recovered

This myth got its origin from TV commercials. Yes, you can close the split ends for a while with the help of special oils. However, to get rid of them, you need to cut them from time to time.

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