10 Hottest Countries To Have Sun As Best Friend

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There is all type of countries in the world. Some are cold, some are hot. Some countries are popular because of how the people live in those countries because of climate the mother nature has given them.

First, the temperature of the world is getting higher because of global warming. And this variation on the temperature effects every corner of the world. So, the following list does not count down the countries for the hottest countries in the world but rather 10 hottest countries in the world as a whole.


Enlisting Arab countries in the list is nothing peculiar. It is considered as one of the richest in the world with rich oil reserves. As rich as this country is, it also one of the warmest. Its temperature can remain 56-53 degree Celcius for almost 5 to 6 months! But no bother, people of Oman do not have any problem buying themselves air conditioners.


People of Libya are no stranger to having some sort of skin diseases or skin blisters that arise every summer. This country is mostly covered by desert due to which it is dry and humid. This leads to a rise in temperature over 55 degrees at times. In fact, Libya has a record of the highest temperature ever recorded in the world. This rare happening took place in 1922 with a recorded temperature of 57.8 degrees! Not that is…


Ethiopia is an East African country also considered is of the hottest countries in the world. It consists of Danakil Depression desert covers more than 100 meters also marked by dangerous earth tremors and heat waves. There are records for the temperatures risen up to 63 degrees!

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Saudia Arabia

With deserts as a major part of the country, this country is not a stranger to a hot climate. The temperature of the country throughout the year soars up to 50 degrees. One of the main high-temperature reason in the country is due to low and moderate rain. The temperature in the day can reach up to 52-degree Celsius.

Hot Places


High heat is a routine thing in a normal day of Sudan, the African country. This country is considered as one of the driest in the world with average temperature up to 52 degrees. The thing that makes this situation much worst is the fact that this country experiences little to no rain.


Algeria is enlisted in those countries that experience extreme temperatures. It can experience temperature in the day time up to 50 degrees. Even the temperature in winters can have an average of 25 degrees.


Mexico managed to gain a position in hottest countries in the world by recording its average temperature in summers reaching as high as 50 degrees. Despite having beachy cities, this country has few of the hottest cities in the world.


This country faces more problems than just war. Among those problems, extreme heat is very well known. In summers, the temperature in this middle east country can soar to 48 to 54 degrees. Even though it snows in the winter in northern reign, rest of the country bakes in the summers.


Being located in Asia and on the equator, Malaysia made its way in the list of hottest countries in the world. The mercury through the year maintains 25-35 degrees, which can sour up high to 40 degrees.


India is known as the second most populated country of Asia that witness weather up to different variation. If on one hand temperature in the Himalayas can reach below -40 degrees, Thar desert can gain the temperature up to 48 degrees.

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