10 Leonardo Da Vinci Facts You Might Not Knew

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The painter of the famous “Mona Lisa” is famous for not just the painting but many things. Out of all the things, we can say he was famous for his different way of thinking. Leonardo Da Vinci was a prominent figure of the renaissance is still considered a prominent figure today.

1. Illegitimate Son

Da Vinci was born out of the marriage and was the son of, Messer Piero Frosino di Antonio da Vinci, a respected lawyer/notary and Caterina di Meo Lippi, a young peasant. Although he spent his very early childhood with his mother in the town of Anchiano, Italy, he went to live with his father at the age of five in Vinci.

2. Not Surname

The words “Da Vinci” after Leonardo’s name are not his surname. It is rather the place where he lived. So literally it means “of Vinci”

3. Formal Training

Although considered one of the greatest artists in history, Leonardo did get a little formal training. He got some tutelage in his second home in mathematics and Latin and became the apprentice of a prominent artist, Verrocchio, in Florence at the age of 14. During the course of seven years, Leonardo would give gained knowledge about many crafts like plaster casting, drafting, metallurgy and carpentry. He was also introduced to the world of painting, drawing and sculpting.

4. Ambidextrous

Leonardo Da Vinci could draw forward and backwards with both of his hands simultaneously. He wrote most of his writings from right to left, which essentially became the mirror script and difficult to read. Some expert explained that is was his way of encoding ideas against theft. However, some speculate that he did it to avoid smears of the wet ink, chalk or charcoal when he wrote with his left hand.

5. Musician

There are manuscripts of Leonardo found that contain some of his musical composition. He was an accomplished musician who sang as well as played flute and lyre at the gatherings of nobles. He used to listen to music while he painted. As mentioned in the writings, he considered music to be closely linked to the visual arts was dependent on the five senses, yet less enduring than painting as the sound immediately fads away.

6. Self Portrait

Many of the notable artist like Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Matisse made some self-portraits. Leonardo Da Vinci, however, left behind just a single the Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk, which was drawn approximately at the age of 60.

7. Inventor

Many people may not know it, but Leonardo Da Vinci had some lesser-known invention plans, that was out into general usage. Out of the plans, the things include a diving bell, underwater breathing apparatus, pile drivers, a life preserver, a revolving crane, an armoured car, a pulley, a parachute, single-span bridges, water-powered mills, a method to concentrate solar power.

8. Interest In Light

As an artist, Leonardo took an inevitable interest in the properties of light and illumination. That interest, however, developed to scientific interest as he took the task of dissecting the properties to understand the inner working of light. His interest even led him to the answer of why the sky is blue, way before the physicists as Lord Rayleigh and John Tyndall of the 19th century.

10. Own Biblical Theories

Leonardo believed that there would not have been enough time for the movement of sea levels and rivers to create the geological formation of the earth’s surface according to the Biblical timetable. He argued that the age of Earth was far greater than implied in the Bible, according to his observation of features of mountains and movement of waters.

10. Codex Leicester

The only copy of Leonardo Da Vinci’s 72-page illustrated manuscript the codex Leicester, also known as the Codex Hammer, is owned by Bill Gates. The collection is named after Armand Hammer and Earl of Leicester, both of whom once owned the copies. The copy was bought in a Christie’s auction in the mid-1990s for almost $40 million.

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