10 Manners Rules You Need To Follow

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Our lives revolve around the people ( majority times anyway). So in a way, we define our life the way we act with other people. This is where manners come in.

These are the things that are usually taught to us from a very young age. However, in this modern age of internet and technology, people usually tend to forget these. But this thing is not to be worried about. Following are the few manners shortcuts that can help you build respect for you in the society.

1. Stop giving phones more attention than people

“I’m sorry what did you said, I was posting a Snap-chat.”

You could imagine the face of the person when he/she would hear the sentence. In the modern day, mobile phones have no doubt become an important part of our lives, but they also have an unpleasant effect when they are given attention instead of a person. Where this device is an excellent tool for mission “ignoring you totally”, it is also a fantastic tool to ruin your business meetings. It is decent to turn your phone on silent mode.


In the utmost important situations when you are having the call of your boss or the sister you haven’t talked to for two years gives you space. However even in those situations politely excuse yourself to attend the call. (Make sure to come back).

2. Have situational awareness

Having no idea when your friend is stuck in an elevator with lots of things in her hands when you are busy with your phone, isn’t exactly considered chivalry. Be aware of your surroundings there may be someone who would need some help. This can also help you in blending in your surroundings when you would actually know what’s happening.

“Hey I’m going for some coffee do you need some?”

Sentences like this which show the other person that you are important to me can add points to your chart.

3. Don’t say something online you wouldn’t say in person

You often come across with such hateful posts that force you to wonder if they actually mean it. Some of them are so directed that you are absolutely sure the person can not actually say that in the face. Besides, it does not give a very good impression.

Don't say something online you wouldn't say in person

Note this there is a difference between criticism and hate. Criticizing something/someone giving the chance to improve can be added to the upright list. The hate posts, however, are a different Different case. Besides, it’s just not very pleasant to see many celebrities reading their hate comments on many social sites( YouTube), just saying.

4.Practising good manners at home

I once saw a person picking his nose in the public but was not actually aware of the act he was doing! People like this really exist who just do something that becomes the source of entertainment for people. (Gross!!!)

A person cannot simply claim to on his manner bottom in the public if he does not have any practice. It’s really hard. The things that would be part of our personality can be easily expressed. I know that home is supposed to be the only place you can finally be yourself without any worries but do not just immerse yourself in habits that can prove to be hard to change at work. Get the point?

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5. Be punctual

You may have a hugely busy schedule so you ran out of time but be aware of this the other person have a life too. If due to important and genuine reason you are getting late, have the decency to inform another person what is happening. One of the most hated time of the day is the time when we wait for somebody having no news about their whereabouts.

be punctual

It is included in the training of army officers to be actually 10 to 15 early. Being punctual can give the impression to the other person that you are important to me and this simple thing can make relationships stronger.

6. Show respect

Yes, you may have a better idea than the other person. Yes, you may have graduated from one of the best university in the country, but it doesn’t mean you can look down upon anyone. Showing respect to anyone can actually have a great impact on your life. You can actually have an easier life at work and society because of just respect. Think about it, how many people would talk to a person that doesn’t respect them. This old saying is very legit;” give respect have respect.”

7. Don’t constantly interrupt

“Look at me I’m smarter!”

This attitude actually does the opposite of having the attention. Besides being of the best way to annoy people, constant interruption do wonders to fall down in someone eyes.

The feeling of domination and selfishness reek out. Give others point of view a chance. One may have a better point but it doesn’t mean that he/she can just impose it on other people. I’m not saying that your ideas don’t matter but they actually do matter. Just make sure you are just going with the flow and making your point when others would actually listen and complement.

8. Overuse of foul language

There is a particular impression of people that immediately come to mind who use too much of a foul language. And that is not good. Looking at this situation from both angles, usage of d-word or d-word may be helpful for the person who doesn’t really use it. It can help to prove your point and seriousness of your words.

Overuse of foul language

This situation, however, can be a lot different for the person who uses them in every sentence constantly. No matter how hard you try you just can’t like that person much and are quick to judge. Constant usage of foul language gives the strong impression of lack of education.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s not wrong to use it once in a while but don’t just tarnish your personality with using more often.

9. Have patience

Have you ever experienced when you are agitated and snappy, and going in the head is just

“Why isn’t she replying?”

Where it can be really annoying, put yourself in other person’s shoes. Everyone has a life. Give them space. Sometimes impatience can result in an unacceptable consequence, however, too much patience can result in loss of your valuable time. They may be not exactly manners but are somehow related to it.

10. Handshake

Handshakes have become an important part of our daily life. Men and women shake hands to keep the world turning. A good and firm handshake with eye contact will automatically add points to your personality. Opposite to the situation when someone is shaking hands with zeal and not much of a response comes from the other side by a weak handshake. They are not exactly considered manners. Ever wondered why Trump is famous for doing extreme handshakes? No these kind of handshakes are not encouraged.



Manners are the way you run your life and are included in every aspect of your life. Make sure to make it helpful and easy for others and keep smiling!

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