10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in the World

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10.U.S Army

American women soldiers are on the 10th ranked to be the most attractive female armed force around the world.Women plays important role in the country defence by being part of the army of country.But for this they have to work hard to be the part of the army of the country.In 2012 women make 14 percent of U.S army.More than 165,000 women are enrolled in U.S Army and about 35,000 female are serving as officers.

9. Czech Republic  Army

For so many Years  Czech Republic Army donot allow women to be the part of army but after World War Two, army  started taking women permanently.Presently, they have become an essential piece of the Czech Armed Forces and a portion of their positions demonstrated to be irreplaceable, particularly those in the Air Force.

8.Polish Army

Poland Army have approximately 25,000 women serving in different categories of army.The women have given same right as male in army.Poland army have the most beautiful females.

7.British Army

British women are on the seventh position among the most attractive and beautiful soldiers.Women are enrolled in army since 1990s.

6.Pakistan Army

In Islamic World Pakistan is the only country where women are serving and performing military duties in combat military operation.Since the establishment of Pakistan in 1947 women are serving the country.

5. Israel Army

Israel is the main country to recruit ladies and allocate some of them to infantry soldier administration which spots them legitimately in the line of adversary fire. All Israelis are compelled to complete national help when they turn 18.Approximately 31 percent of women are serving in army.The female are very attactive and beautiful.

4. Greece Army

Greece right now has all inclusive mandatory military assistance for guys, under which all men over 18 years old serve for 9 months. Ladies may serve in the Greek military on a willful premise, they are not required to enroll, as men may be.

3. Australian Army

Since 1899 women are serving in Australian army. They were confined to the Australian Army Nursing Service, until World War II. This job extended in 1941–42 when the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force built up female branches in which ladies took on a scope of help jobs.

Ladies were coordinated into the administrations during the late 1970s and mid 1980s and would now be able to serve in many situations in the Australian Defense Force , including battle jobs.

2.Russian Army

Russian have very beautiful and attractive ladies.Women are serving in all categories of army.They have done very important jobs in army especially in Great Patriotic  War.

1.Romanian Army

Women of Romanian Army on the top of list to be most attractive women in army around the whole world.They are serving the army with all of their good efforts for the country peace and security.

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