10 Most Beautiful Parks around the World

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Parks are the place where you can release your personal, social, and work stress just by sitting and taking a breath of fresh air. The beautiful and breathtaking Sceneries are almost the thing everyone should need to
calm their souls and mind.

Sometimes you just need to sit and realize that, what a wonderful life and world God has given to you. You realize it just by looking at mother nature, feeling the animals around you and the wind, which blows through your face.

The peace which comes in you when you are sitting around the natural environment closing your eyes feeling every fresh breath you take is the most valuable gift from mother nature that we can avail at any time we need.

So here are some 10 places which would be perfect for your time to spend and you are suggested to go once in your life:

Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Japan

This park of Japan is in Yamanashi, Shizuoka, and Kanagawa Prefectures, and western Tokyo Metropolis. It is known for its range of volcano mountains. Its mountain range covers about 474 square miles.

The park has very breathtaking views, the perfect spot for hiking. The most beautiful place in this place is Fuji mount, which looks stunning in the spring.

Jasper National Park, Canada

Jasper national park is the largest national park in Canada, it’s about 4.200 square miles. It has varieties of species in it like bear, elk and moose. It’s also having different varieties of insect and plant.

Except this it is having the most beautiful landscape of Rocky Mountains with covered snow, lakes and hot springs. People usually come here for fishing, hiking, rafting, wildlife viewing etc.

Grand Teton National Park, America

Grand Teton, with a mountain range of 64 km long. It is also known as the mountains of imagination. People of this region have been trying to protect its beauty and wildlife since the 19th century by keeping it a national park.

The bright and eye-catching view of this area with water running beneath the mountain whose peak is covered with snow is all you need to freshen up your mind.

Yellowstone National Park, America

Yellowstone National Park, with the area 8983 km, is known for its geothermal features. The most beautiful geothermal area is Grand Prismatic Spring. This place has a volcanic belt that is the reason the place has geothermal features in it. The place has its own beauty, there are varieties of different animals and plants which enhance the beauty of this area.

Deosai National Park, Pakistan

Deosai National Park, having the second highest alpine plains in the world. Its elevation is 4114 meters above sea level. It was established for the protection of their survival of Himalayas brown bears. Heaven on earth, this name is given to it when people visit here, due to its spectacular landscape. The beauty is on the peak in the season of summer. In winter the land becomes white and is seen in the most beautiful Sceneries with huge mountains which are wearing snow.

Valley of flowers National Park, India

Valley of flower is a national park which was founded by some British mountaineer when they were lost after they were coming back from a successful expedition to the mountain Kamet. The length of the mountain is 3352 to 3658 above the sea level.

Due to the heavy monsoon rain the soil becomes very fertile and different species of plant and flower grow there, making the land like a flower heaven. Summer is the best time to visit these areas.

Glacier National Park, Canada

Glacier National Park, which is spread over 4000 km, has a huge mountain range in it. It comprises a lake having over 130 names. The people can do different activities like hiking, cycling, camping, backpacking, water sports etc. The place is also called the crown of the continent. It is the perfect place to spend with your family or friends.

Khunjerab National Park, Pakistan

The word khun means “blood” and the word jerab means “to stream”. The park area is 226913 hectors. The park was established to protect the survival; of the endangered animals of that area. The weather is always beautiful there. There is a magic in the nature of the park. The beauty there can only be felt, its unexplained, the mountains are the most eye-catching thing there.

Jigme Dorji National Park, Bhutan

Jigme Dorji is about 4313 km. The mountain gradient ranges from 1000 to more than 7000 meter above sea level. It was founded in 1974. The area is known for its glaciers and snow leopard. Big mountain having lakes makes the scenery so beautiful. There would be seen different types of animals and plants. This area is home for
many of endangered species.

Swiss National Park, Switzerland

Swiss National Park was founded on 1 august 1914, the area consists of 170 km. this park was primarily made to preserve the mother nature there, The scenery of beautiful tall trees in front of large snow capped mountains with bright sunlight, birds and animals roaming around makes its best within itself.

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