10 Most Beautiful Women of the World

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As it is stated beauty lies in the eyes of beholder so this is the topic of extreme debate and judgmental but based on peoples view of others, their observing capabilities there are certain ranks placed for top 10 women categorized as the most beautiful ones.in addition to that, every person is beautiful within oneself varies on different traits different skill and willingness toward activities of life.
Based on the article by ejaz khan he has categorized the women’s beauty on the level of their confidence there with dynamics and dedication toward their work. Because they stands on the top most rank. Listing the women for their beauty in 2020.

1. Selena Gomez – USA

She stands second to none in 2020.she is the most intelligent and dedicated women in terms of her skills her satisfaction towards her work and ranking high at the social media. She has the highest followers on social media where she is liked by most of the people. Her sufferings are also the part and are in the eyes of media which she tackled very intelligently. These are very few traits that makes her at the top most rank of beautiful women.

Selena Gomez-USA

2. Emma Watson – UK

The well renown lady who upgraded herself from at an early age of 28.she is a British actress, model and earned great fame from the “harry potter series”. She is the iconic lady and is ranked on the second number because she has gained fame at an early age. The most liked work of her carrier is the beauty and the beast. Moreover she works as an ambassador and for social welfare and emerged with the slogan Trans rights are human right.

Emma Watson-UK

3. Fahriye Evcen – Turkey

The most stunning and beautiful lady who is famous for her beautiful smile and her intelligence of speaking 4 languages that includes Turkish, German, English and Spanish fluently. Fahriye is known to melt heart by her smile she is the gorgeous lady who shows her performance very elegantly.

Fahriye Evcen

4. Alexandra Doddario – USA

The lady famous for her looks specially her attractive blue eyes. She has ancestry in Italian, Irish, Hungarian, and German and English. Possessing 5.6 million followers on twitter. She is known the lady with the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Alexandra Doddario

5. Liza Soberano – Phillipines:

Previous year she stand 2nd in number.she is known the most renowned face for Maybelline a well-known cosmetic brand. For Philippines she is number 1 because of her attractive looks and smile. Moreover she is the best actress to perform her work with full dedication. For this she is ranked among top 10 beautiful women.

Liza Soberano

6. Nana (IM JIN-AH) – South Korea:

In addition to other nation South Korean actress Nana has gained a lot of fame. She worked for many Chinese films where she earned a lot of fame. She is the most innocent and attractive lady in looks. She gained global recognition in 2013.named second most beautiful face by independent critics. However, she is one of the stunning lady.

Nana (IM JIN-AH) - South Korea

7. Priyanka Chopra – India

She is 34 years old Bollywood star, she progressed and her efforts were shown throughout her carrier.in addition to her acting carrier she is well known graceful singer as well. She is one of the highest paid actress of India. She worked in Hollywood movie has gained a lot of respect. She is the lady who married one of the well-known personality nick Jonas. She had suffered a lot but never let go her efforts and struggles towards her work.

Priyanka Chopra

8. Beyonce – USA

A 36 years old lady with distinct looks and fashion style that make her unique and good looking among all others. She is the most glamorous women. Beyoncé is famous for her strong personality in spite of being depicted she is strong to beat others.

Beyonce - USA

9. Taylor Hill – USA

She is a young 22 years old lady with amazing fashion knowledge. Or she is named as iconic fashion model. She has 9.7 million followers.She is the most attractive glamorous and stunning in her looks and confidence. Her work in NEON DEMON has shown her efforts and her great confidence. She worked in photo shoots and campaigns that make her unique among others. SHE WORKED FOR MANY BRANDS OF FASHION LIKE VALENTINO, Versace, and Armanietc.

Taylor Hill - USA

10. Taylor Swift USA

She is known for beauty of inner soul she possess both internal and external beauty. She is young lady and amazing and melodious singer who has a lot of dedication toward her work, she is the most contemporary artist ever.

Taylor Swift USA

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