10 Most Used Security Plugins To Protect Your WordPress Website

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Security plugins are pricey, but there are some that come with limited functionality for free.

We’ll talk about pricing, but it’s more important to understand what each plugin does for you. After all, it’s all about finding the best way to keep bad people away from your investment. And sometimes that means spending less money. Here are the most used security plugins.

1-Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

The Sucuri Security plugin offers both free and paid versions, yet most websites should be fine with the free plugin. For example, a website firewall requires you to pay for a Sucuri plan, but not every webmaster feels that they need this type of security. It is one of the best security plugins.

It offers several variations on SSL certificates. You have to pay for them, but it is available in packages. Customer service is available in the form of instant chat and email. You receive instant notifications when something goes wrong with your website. Advanced DDoS protection is available through some plans. If you don’t want to pay, you get valuable tools for blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, and secure tightening.

-Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

2-iThemes Security

The iTheme Security Plugin (formerly known as WP Security) is one of the most effective ways to protect your website, preventing things like hacks and unwanted intruders. There are more than 30 offers. It focuses on identifying plugin vulnerabilities, obsolete software, and weak passwords.

The security plugin offers to detect file changes, which is important because most webmasters are unaware of a file error. Add an extra layer of protection to your login using Google reCAPTCHA integration. The plugin compares your WordPress core files with the current version of WordPress, helping you to understand if there is anything harmful in those files.

Update your own WordPress salts and keys to add an extra layer of complexity to your validation keys. You can set “Eve Mode” when you are not constantly updating your site and want to completely lock your WordPress dashboard from your users. Other essentials such as 404 detections, animal protection, and strong password enforcement.

3-Wordfence Security

WordFence Security is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins, and for good reason. It combines simplicity with powerful security tools, such as robust login security features and security incident recovery tools. A key advantage of WordFence is the fact that you can gain insights into overall traffic trends and hack attempts.

Wordfence Security

4-All In One WP Security & Firewall

As one of the most featured free security plugins, AllWP Security and Firewall provides a simple interface and decent customer support without any premium plans. This is a highly visual security plugin that can be used to define the initial metrics such as security force with graphs and meters and to strengthen your site. What needs to be done.

The WordPress Security Plugin has a blacklist tool where you can set some specific requirements to prevent the user.
You can back up .htaccess and .wp-config files. There is also a tool to fix any errors. The plugin displays a graph to illustrate how strong your website is and a graph that identifies specific areas of your site. This is a great feature for the average user to imagine what is happening with the security of the site. The plugin is free without any upsells along the way.

5-WP fail2ban

The WP Fail 2 Baban offers a feature, but it has one key feature: protection from violent animal attacks. The plugin takes a different approach which many people find more effective than what you get from the security suite plugin listed above. WPFL2 documents all bank login attempts, regardless of their nature or success, in Sislag using LOG_AUTH. You have the option of imposing a soft or hard restriction, which is different from the traditional way of choosing just one.

Choose between hard or soft blocks. Integrate with cloud flyers and proxy servers. Log in comments to prevent spam or malicious comments. The plugin also logs in information about spam, pingbacks, and user counts. You also have the option to create a shortcode that prevents users from accessing the login process.


Most people who use WordPress are familiar with Jetpack, and the main reason is that the plugin has many features, but it is also because the plugin was created by the people of WordPress.com. Jetpack is full of modules to strengthen your social media, site speed, and spam protection. Jetpack has so many features that it is definitely worth exploring.

The free plan provides reasonable security for a small website, then you can upgrade to reasonably priced premium plans and get full support and plugins which is one of the best plans in the market. Premium plans turn the plugin into a maximum suite with benefits such as backup, spam protection, and security scanning.

Plugin updates are managed entirely via JetPack. You also get time monitoring. JetPack is also a plugin that eliminates the need for other plugins. For example, it has optimization features for email marketing, social media, site customization, and optimization.



It’s important not to forget the Wallet Press, as it works like plugins like IMS Security Pro and Saturn Scanner. You need to pay for any kind of protection, but plans start at just $ 39 per year, making it one of the more affordable premium security plugins. The website states that the plan is great for small businesses and bloggers, but you also have the option to upgrade to a more powerful plan for $ 99 or $ 299 per year.

Pricing is better than other premium WordPress security plugins. The dashboard is clean and convenient for all users.
You can create real-time or manual backups using Calendar. The Statistics tab provides information about the times of popular visits to your website, as well as what risks occurred during those times. You can contact Vault Press experts to help you with tasks such as site maintenance and backup.


Secu Press is a new security plugin in the market (originally released as FrameMe in 2016), but it is definitely one that is growing rapidly. It was originally developed by Julio Potter, one of the original founders of WP Media, who you may recognize, as he developed the WP Rocket and Imaging. There are both a free version and a premium version with lots of extra features.

The UI in Secu Press is probably one of the best! It is very easy to use even for beginners. The premium version definitely adds a lot of value. Check out 35 security points in 5 minutes, get a good report, and then harden your WordPress site. This includes the ability to change your WordPress login URL so that bots can’t find it. Helps you detect themes and plugins that are weak or have been tampered with to include malicious code.


9-BulletProof Security

The Bulletproof Security Plugin has both free and premium versions. Paid option. 69.95 is sold for a one-time payment and has more features than the actively developed, updated, and other security plugins on the market. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and feature features like quarantine, email alerts, anti-spam, auto-recovery, and more.

It has some of the most advanced security tools on the market, including BPS Pro ARQ Introgen Detection and Prevention System (ARQ IDPS) encryption solutions, as well as schedule crowns, cURL scans, folder locking, and more.
The free version has many features for the average website. A backup of the database is provided in the free version.
You can hide individual plugin folders. Restore mode functionality is not something you find in other security plugins.

10-Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication

Most plugins with individual security features don’t make much sense to install. This is because you can usually go with a plugin like IMS Security Pro and get one feature as well as dozens of other features. However, two-factor authentication is a different story, as most security suites do not seem to be involved. So, with the help of such plugins, you want to tighten the login security.

This is the area of your login that almost eliminates this risk. You can choose which two-factor authentication method is easier for you. You can choose which types to go through the verification process.  The plugin has a shortcode to use with custom login pages.

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