10 of the Most Popular Online Retailers on Facebook

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E-commerce is actually trending these days, as we have a large variety of people on Facebook and other social media applications. But the very famous application for E-commerce business to promote is Facebook. There are many stores offering online shopping around the globe, as well you can shop from anywhere in the world.
Many people are doing this business on different social media platforms and it is an amazing work to do online. You can even buy or sale a product online and earn in this way by E-commerce business.

There are many pages running by different people around the globe and also there is a large amount of audience as well on these pages.

10. JustFab (10 million Likes)

It is basically a fashion brand and it is ranked on number ten in the list of most popular online retailer fashion brand. It has ten million likes for its page and many people are following this fashion brand online. And getting their famous shopping pieces as well. They also change their sale products prices for its members and give them amazing off on every-product. The basic catalog of this brand has many things that include jewelry, shoes and clothes as well.

They give their customers fantastic discounts on every product and their quality is also amazing.

9. Flipkart (9.2 million Likes)

Flipcart.com is a famous brand that gives its customers ideas about the discounts in the prices of different products. The owner of this brand Binny Bansal always tells his story that how he started this work with nothing in his hand, but now he has everything with hardwork and good intentions.

Recently he said in his interview that, in this era also many interested people would love to go outside to buy some book and make their own catalogues of different products. This page has almost 9.5 million likes and many people give good comments below their posts.

8. Rakuten (7.8 million Likes)

This brand is having around 7.8 million likes for its page and it is the very famous brand on Japan and in fact it is gaining popularity from around the globe. It is the largest e-commerce site, having large business. The work Rakuten means Optimism, meaning that they always give their customers optimistic approach for its products.
It also has expanded its business by making an incredible app on mobile phones as well. It amazes the audience by the advertisements it gives on its page. They give amazing discounts on theirproducts, they post the product that is for sale and people excitingly shop them.

7. Dresslily (11 million Likes)

This is high fashion brand online, for women. It has around 11 million likes for its page. This fashion brand is for women and it gives the clothes of high quality and with amazing discounts. That is the reason why people like to shop from this brand daily and from the whole world. They have a fantastic fabric quality, so women are attracted towards this brand.

Like other E-commerce pages on Facebook. This fashion brand also posted different eye-catching products for sale on its page and gets millions on likes and comments on its post.

6. Dafiti (13 million Likes)

This is brand of Brazil, that is having around 13 million likes. It is the most famous clothing fashion brand that has arisen from Brazil and it has a large E-commerce business. This online brand was started in 2010 and now it is having many approx. 50 million visitors from around the globe that would love to shop from this brand. It also has its online stores in 5 different countries that include Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil as well.
Many of the online e-commerce fashion brands basically belongs to South America.

5. eBay (11 million Likes)

Oh, I don’t think that there is anyone who does not know about eBay, it is a brand that on e-commerce that connects the buyer and seller from around the world. This brand was founded in 1955 by Pierre Omidyar. It is one of the most interesting stories of dot-com bubble. It is the successful page liked by almost 11 million followers that are connected to this brand, and enjoying its services currently.

This brand that works online sells a large variety od goods and it was basically started as an auctioned brand but now it is known in the whole world.

4. Rosegal (12 million Likes)

It is basically an online fashion store for clothing that was started by a group of friends, who had extreme passion for this business and they succeeded in achieving the target. This page has almost 12 million likes and is followed by the people from around the globe.
It has basically classic or vintage designs of clothes, it actually has built its fashion statement. This store is different and unique in the way it offers Plus-sized clothes for its customers, so indeed everyone could enjoy their services. Even they post the pictures so their fans on Facebook could be able to buy them.

3. Lazada (28 million Likes)

It is best shopping brand on E-commerce, it was founded in Singapore. The best brand is ranked on number 3, in the list of top 10 Facebook retailer brands. Also, it has 28 million likes, that is an amazing number.

The products that are available includes gadgets, electronics, and various baby products as well. This brand offers amazing deals, offers and discounts, that is the reason it has maximum number of followers and comments below every post.

2. Avon (21 million Likes)

This retailer brand is also associated to fashion industry, it has around 21 million likes. It basically sells make-up products and various other things like this. It also gets around $9 million in annual revenue. It just sells beauty and makeup products from around the world. Avon actually attracts or fascinates its fans via blog posts, pictures and amazing videos.

So, it has around 6 million selling representatives in the whole world.

1. Amazon (29 million Likes)

Ah, I do not think that anyone is not aware of this site that is named as Amazon.com. it has around 29 million likes that is a maximum number. The Facebook page of Amazon is full of very interesting products, it fascinates its page via videos, pictures and interesting posts. It also has made the communication with its customers really easy by Twitch, Amazon Streaming and various other links.

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