10 Simple Things To Follow to Never Get Sick

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As a kid, getting sick was somewhat simpler. You have the best genuine excuse to take a day off from school, in pajamas, cuddling in a warm blanket with hot chocolate and watching daytime television. Sounds really fun right? This point, however, cannot be ignored that getting sick in the end is getting sick.

Getting sick in adulthood is another story. As we enter the practical life and have to do chores, getting sick is the worst that can happen to us. Our life kind of delays!

Everyone has their own strategies for fighting back during cold and flu season. Some people rely on echinacea supplements; others swear by essential oils. And we all have that coworker who breaks out gallons of hand sanitizer the moment someone in the office coughs once. These strategies have varying degrees of success. Check out this article for some medically approved techniques for maintaining your good health.

1. Stay Active

Sure, no one wants to go on a walk this winter. But keeping our body active is essential. Just plan a walk of 30 minutes in a week. Make sure that your metabolism and body is agile. Regular exercise is obviously great to reduce stress as well as the release of related hormones. Besides, it would keep inflammation and chronic disease at bay, in addition, to bonus that it accelerates the circulation of disease-fighting white blood cells (WBCs), which helps the body fight the common cold

2. Good Sleep

Besides keeping the stress and mood in control, good sleep is important for keeping the cold spreading in your body. Studies show that you can actually delay the virus from spreading if you get a good sleep of 8 hours. Sounds like a very good reason to stay in bed, don’t you think?

 Good Sleep

3. Skip Alcohol

Dentris cells, that are the prime component of the immune system, gets damaged and broken by intake of excessive alcohol. So, white blood cells being damaged and injured, the virus and flu would receive the open gate in your body has no one to guard it. Hence you catch the cold. This point can be proved from the study that vaccine doesn’t act very well inside the body of an alcohol addict.

4.Green Tea

The green tea can be categorized in the old wives’ tales. Besides giving you a soothing and warm feeling, it has a large number of antioxidants. Lower blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are some key features of green tea. I mean there must be some reason that green tea is still use after many centuries right?

Green Tea

5. Be social

Okay, that may sound totally off the track, but it is the part of keeping yourself healthy. Being social and having a great day with friends can keep you relax and calm, which is the key. And if you have a problem having a doubt if you will catch a cold among them, keep a sanitizer with you.

6.Vitamin D

It is good that nature has given us practically the free open supplement of vitamin D through the sun. Try to get as much sunlight you can get. And if you live in the countries where there the sun doesn’t show up for months, egg yolks, mushrooms, salmon, canned tuna, and beef liver, that’s your meal.

7. Green Vegetables

All green vegetables contain the balance diet that you need to have. This would support your immune system and keep you healthy. If you have kids do try to smuggle green vegetables in their food, we all know, kids hate it.

8. Keep Calm

All of this article in a net shell is that you need to be calm and relax. Do not stress if you catch a cold. Try practicing yoga and meditation to relive the stress.

Keep Calm

9. Don’t Skimp on Protiens

Proteins without a doubt are an important part of our meal. Try to eat good and healthy. People have a weak immune system who dont have much of the protien intake.

10. Try to keep to yourself

Two sides of the coin. If you dont want to get sick, just try to keep your hands to yourself in the public. Keeping a sanitizer in the bag or pocket can be a good thing.

And if you, unfortunately, happen to catch the cold, keep everything you use to yourself. Have a nice cup of hot chocolate of green tea every two hours and set the aim to get healthy again. Your life awaits for you!

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