10 Sports You Might Not Have Heard Of Before

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In the world where countless things are discovered and thousands are forgotten, it’s hard to get hold of everything.

And in this world here are 10  unusual sports would not have heard of.

1. Buzkashi

Buzkashi is the traditional Central Asian sport that is played on horses in teams. Yes, quite similar to polo. But there is one major difference. In Buzkashi, the players have to play with the carcass of a goat or cow.  10 players on each team are supposed to drag the carcass across the team goal line within the given time. So a rough game should not be a surprise given the fact that it is played by dead animals.

2. Chess Boxing

A weird competition to begin with. Like the name suggests this is the combination of these two things. The match starts with a round of speed chess followed by a round of boxing. One wins the game either by winning chess game or knocking out other in the ring. The perfect blend of physical and mental skills.

3. Sepak Takraw

To make things easy, this game is the football version of volleyball. Well no, it makes things more confusing. If in football you have to play with the ball without using hands, in Sepak Takraw you have to play volleyball with the foot. Without using your hands. In other words, volleyball with karate!

4. Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey

The rules are the same as normal hockey. There is a difference of element from air to water, and using plastic or wooden sticks almost the size of banana to push around the metal puck for goal. As for the audience, they can see action by ripples of water as the game is held underwater.

5. Street Luge

Can be considered as an extreme sport. It makes you lie on an enlarged skateboard and go down the road. Make gravity do the rest of the work. Make sure to follow safety precaution.

6. Quidditch

There is no short of passion in muggles. Once find it, there is nothing that comes in their way to achieve what they want; not reality or laws of physics. And that passion led some ambitious people to make the International Quidditch Association that has grown in just a few years to every continent. Rules of the game are similar to the fiction with one big difference; no flying.

7. Redneck Games

Redneck games are a mixture of athletic events that include seed spitting, toilet seat tossing and mud belly flops. You might not find shoes on many players feet. It may be unusual sports for you, but not for all the fans this game has earned itself.

8. Wife Carrying

Originally known as ‘Eukonkanto’ in Finnish, wife carrying is as the name suggest. Male competitors have to carry their wives across the obstacles and prove themselves. The female competitors hug their husband upside-down while grabbing their partner’s neck. Those fortunate enough to succeed in Wife Carrying World Championship can take home beer equals wife’s weight.

9. Wood Chopping

It may be a chore to some people, but it can also make lumberjacks into the athlete when the chore becomes a game. This game includes log rolling to tree topping and hot saw.

10. Dog Dancing

Dog Dancing, unbelievably, is a competitive sport of coaching, discipline and dance, combined with canine freestyle. Its contests are held in Japan, Uk and US. Now that is unusual sports.

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