10 Strangest Known Medical Disorders In The World

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The world of fiction, where someone gets to be vampire or werewolf, there could be zombies and even tree man. But this world is not a fiction and surprisingly enough, there are some people who are associated with these terms because of their medical condition.

Here are strangest diseases enlisted in the history of medicine that still confuses man.

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, ‘Stone Man Syndrome’

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva or (FOP) is a progressive disorder in which soft tissues like skin and tendons turns to the bone over time. Basically everything in the body turning into bone. That includes the joint that can fuse together to become a single bone.

Cotard’s Delusion, ‘Walking Corpse Syndrome’

A serious mental disorder in which the sufferer believes that he/she has no brain and is dead. Basically everything that a zombie you see in the movies; no emotion, can not recognise anyone including himself, don’t eat and bathe. And no they don’t attack people for their brain. These people also like to spend time in cemeteries.

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Cold Urticaria, ‘Cold Allergy’

Catching a cold from cold is a common thing, but being allergic to the cold is a pretty rare and strange thing. Yes, the same kind of cold that people get from peanuts or dust or bees. People suffering from this disease can have itchy hives and swelling in the affected area. This thing can go extreme when swelling reaches to tongue and throat that can prove to be fatal.

Tree Man Syndrome'

Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia, ‘Tree Man Syndrome’

Looking at someone suffering from this condition, the first thing that would come into your mind would be, ‘Holy shit, there is tree bard growing out of him’. But it is not really tree bark but warts that exacerbate by sunlight exposure.

Xeroderma Pigmentosum, ‘Vampire Syndrome’

Sunlight is an important source for human beings for energy and vitamin D. Sure, we can get sunburn after too much exposure to it. There are, however, some people can get sunburn and skin breakdown even with the slight exposure to the sunlight. They can even develop skin cancer if they are not much careful with it.


The name of the disease pretty much give what would it actually be like. This is a medical condition in which tissues of the legs and testicles goes thought extreme swelling. Surprisingly enough, one of several caise of the disease is a bite from the mosquito-born parasite.

Hypertrichosis, ‘Werewolf Syndrome’

Werewolf Syndrome, a medical condition

medical condition

The person suffering from the werewolf disease do not possess any kind of superhuman ability but excessive and abnormal growth of hair all over the body. While these people can go through waxing and laser treatment for this purpose, they don’t really work for a long time.

Aquagenic urticaria, ‘Water Allergy’

Water is important part of our lives. Life of earth is due to water. So it is hard to believe that there is a thing called allergy from water. Strictly speaking, it’s not really allergy from water as it does not trigger a histamine response like others, but suffers to develop welts and itches after exposure to water. Wait, does it mean that these people don’t bath throughout there lives?!

Alien Hand Syndrome

The hand gets sick of the master giving the orders and start acts independently. It turns rouge. The alien hand start doing things contrary to individual wishes.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

Accents can give out a lot of where the person is from. However, some people can just learn accents just like the natives. There are few people on the earth that have developed accents of several places, even the places they have never been to.

After reading this article, you should be thankful for your health and start taking care of it rather than taking it for granted.

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