10 Study Tricks Every Student Should Know

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Students go through a roller coaster ride throughout their study period. Exams, assignments, tests, projects even little as a class need different approach. For every student there sure is one point in their life in which they are stuck. To un-stuck from the situation, we need to adopt some tips and tricks. Keep in mind that it is never too late to grasp them. Without further ado…

1. Pick a Time And Place

Everyone has that one place in which they feel really comfortable. However, there are also places in which they are not too comfortable. The study is a focus attaining action. Everyone is aware of themselves how to keep themselves intact. For a place, many prefer comforts of bed rather than study table. Besides, who studies on study table nowadays? However, studying in the library and quiet places is also a very good option for those who are sure that they would sleep after reading a paragraph on their bed.

In addition to place, setting out time is also important. Though deciding time span for a daily basis is important, deciding out on what part of the day to study is also important. Morning would be the best option as the mind is fresh. But for those who don’t have time, the night is also an option when there is no one to disturb them.

2. Study Everyday

Keep in mind; consistency is key. As mentioned before, set the time period of how much you are going to study. It can be a little as 30 min. Just which you are comfortable with. But this is important, study every day and make it your routine.

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3. Plan Time

Set reminders and alarm if you have to do something really important. There are a lot of apps out there that would help you organise your time and all the study work you have to do. Wall calendars are also a good option as it would remind you constantly the things you have to do.

10 Tricks Every Student Should Have On Their Fingertips

4. Discover Your Learning Style

Everyone is different from others. Same goes with learning. Some prefer misc while studying, others like it completely silent, some would like eatables with them while they are studying while others prefer books in the library some prefer learning ut aloud some don’t, some prefer walking while studying. There are a lot of preferences out there. Find yours. Not just find it, but also develop it for a stronger sense of studying.

5. Review And Revise

It may be boring, but reviewing and revising is an important part of the process. Human mind tend to forget things. Hence it is better to revise to make sure that they are in our mind. Besides, better than reviewing rather than forgetting in the exam right?

6. Take Break

A break is important. Especially when you study for long hours. It is important not to overdo it but keep out mind fresh with breaks. Treat yourself with something quick to eat, take a walkout, watch a youtube video, anything.

7. Ask For Help

If you are stuck and things are not just adding up, ask for help. Consult the teacher even class-fellows and friends. They may open you up to the thing that you are overlooking. In addition to that, also help someone if they ask you form it,

8. Stay Motivated

The importance of motivation is not underrated. It is the fuel that keeps us moving. However, we tend to lost id various times, especially when there is a big problem. Make sure that you are motivated. Set a nice wallpaper on the phone. Write some motivational quotes of famous people on chart paper and paste it on the walls of your room. They would be a constant reminder of why you started!

10 Tricks Every Student Should Have On Their Fingertips

9. App It Up

This is time of technology. We should put better use of it than just watching videos on youtube of playing games. There are a lot of study apps out there that keep you motivated and keep track your time. Forest is a great app to keep you super motivated and keep yourself to touch your phone again and again. ‘Flip’ is also a good option.

10. Take Care Of Your Self

This is foremost important. Studying would be a lot better if you would feel like doing it. You would not feel like doing it if you lack of sleep, or did not have anything to eat since morning.

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