10 terrifying and scary mental disorders.

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After reading all the mental disorders, one can’t think how the person would feel and really go through. Disturbance in thought and different social behaviour is characterized into mental illness.

10. Wendigo Psychosis

This mental disorder is probably the scariest mental disorder on the list. The patients suffering from Wendigo Psychosis have a deep craving for human flesh! This syndrome is founded in the tribes of North America, while there are some cases of missing person in the area, later turned out to be… One would think immediately of cannibals. ‘Wendigo’ American folklore of the mythical creature that eats humans. So wendigo psychosis is the legend coming back to life.

9. Alice In Woderland Syndrome

Sounds cute… but it is a serious mental disorder. It ischaractarised by the brain creating wrong prespectives. The room or the environment may see too big or small to the person. This inoperative sense of orientaion may change the prespective of time and sounds around. All this is followed by intense migrane that never go away.

8. Alien Hand Sydrome

Alien hand syndrome is the disorder that causes one’s hand to move without being aware or having control over it. May not sound much, but imagine feeling someone chocking you in sleep and you wake up to discover that they are your own hands. Yeah, that bad. Fourtunately, this syndrome is pretty rare and the best the patient do is to keep that hand busy. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop

7. Kluver Busey Syndrome

Kluver Busey syndrome makes the patient to inappropriate behaviour with inappropriate things, really inappropriate. With hyperorality on its tail, the patient has extreme temptation to explore from his/her mouth. They may try to eat anything for the sake of exploration.

6. Cotard’s syndrome

Real life walking dead. The patients suffering from Cotard’s syndrome believe that they are dead, complaining that they feel like rotten meat. They would likely to go morgue so they can be with dead people. And no, they are not really zombies and would not go after human flesh or brain. Going through the process of believing that they are losing their organs, the patient soon consider themselves dead. Totally ignoring food and hygiene is also relative.

Cotard's syndrome

5. Capgras Delusion

When we see things totally not expecting from a person we usually say, “Who are you? What have you done to insert name?” That’s exactly what happens in Capgras Delusion in which, the patient think that all the people they know are actually the same person. That person just disguses to fool the person for some reason. The sufferer may cofuse the places and events. Capgras Delusion is also called Fregoli’s Syndrome, named after the famous actor expert in disguising very quickly.

4. Clinical Lycanthropy

As the name states, the person suffering from Clinical Lycanthropy thinks that he has the ability to transform, or is transformed into an animal. In other words, real life ware-wolfs. Fortunately, there are only a few reported cases of this horrible disorder.

3. Stockholm syndrome

Easily, the most famous disorder on our list. Stockholm syndrome makes hostages have feelings for their captors. The hostages probably think that they are going to get killed, however, when they think that the captor has chosen them to live, they feel gratitude. This gratitude changes into feelings soon enough. The sufferers of Stockholm syndrome would easily trust their kidnappers than the police officers. The infamous case of this disorder, Patricia Hearst, helped her kidnappers to rob a bank.

2. Diogenes syndrome

In common word, Diogenes syndrome can easily be related to cat lady, very isolated cat lady. These are the introverts that don’t leave their homes in daylight and have minimal contact with people. To fill the void, these people fill the hoard or can get as many pets as possible. Diogenes syndrome leads to extreme self-neglect and social withdrawal.

Diogenes syndrome

1. Apotemnophilia

This is one serious mental disorder. Body integrity identity or in simple words, people who have this diorder have a extreme desire to be disable. Yes, they love to amputate off their healthy limbs! This thing is not suicidal, as they dont want to die, but this can obviously lead to one. Apotemnophilia is reasoned with disturbing childhood, and disabling would provid them completeness. What equally disturbing is, that cutting of their limbs is seuxally arousing for them! Talk about mental illness.

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