10 Things We learned from Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump an all-time favourite movie of all time is about the life of a boy with low IQ. What would we be learning from a boy of low IQ you ask? That boy tells to the world, that you don’t need high intelligence to get to what you need. Success is not reciprocal to intelligence.

1. Power of hobby

Although he may not have emphasised on that fact, that is something seen very clearly throughout the movie, Forrest Gump was a boy who had problems walking and took help from walking aids to go around. However, that poor boy always had to run away from his bullies. He ran from them throughout his life. He ran to the point that he no longer needed walking aids and was fastest in town. That go for nothing boy got into college because of his fast running as a member of a football team.

2. Not Let Ego Come In Your Way

One thing clearly noticed in the movie is that Forrest is not appreciated by many people. The first school bus he rode, kids were not very friendly with him. That was the same case when he rode the bus when he served the army. Lieutenant Dan Taylor whose he saved a life, dissed him major of the movie. But Forrest never took these things to mind. Ego was never his thing.

3. Don’t Overthink, Just Do

It can be because of his low IQ, but Forrest Gump was not a thinker. Hence, his efforts were mostly on the “do” part of the things.

4. Utter Focus

Because of his lack of thinking, Forrest is seen doing even little things with utmost focus. The work can even be as boring as scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush! He was also able to arrange the riffle in record time. All because of his focus on what he was doing.

5. The horror of our childhood remains

Forrest’s best friend is shown as a beautiful girl, but she was abused by her father. That little girl took this horror to every part of her life, trying out different things to find a way out, also getting hurt in the process.

10 Things We learned from Forrest Gump

6. Don’t Focus On Destination, Focus On Journey

Forrest was a man without passion. He had no goal in life (Except continuing his friend’s legacy of shrimp business). You would be surprised to where that boy with low IQ ends up. He was the doer. A trait which compels us to call his a genius at the end of the movie, believe me.

7. Happiness May Take Its Time, But It Sure Does Knocks

Although Forrest and Genie were very good friends, Forrest had a hard time getting hold of her as they grew up. Forrest is shown thinking about Genie throughout the movie and Genie who wanders around to find happiness. Although it took time for them to realise, both of them found they were each other’s happiness all along.

8. Life Is A Gift

Lieutenant Dan is shown as a passionate man who wants to die for his country. He thinks that it is his destiny. But his destiny was destroyed when he was saved by Gump during the was. Lost both of this legs, he blamed Forrest for saving his life for the rest of the movie. However, he soon finds peace and is thankful for his life when he realises what is he really gifted.

9. Never Give Up On Loved Ones

People run away. They run away when they are scared or angry at you. But loved ones are not to be given up on. The fact that Gump never gave up on Genie nor Leutannat, in reality, SAVED their life. Not joking.

10. Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates!

You never know what you would get.

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