10 Tips For Attractiveness That Actually Works

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Who doesn’t want to be attractive? Being attractive is one of the major skill that helps us socialise in society. Beautiful people are often considered attractive, but the fact that being attractive is how we develop our personality is usually ignored. If the person enters a room in baggy clothes and all eyes turn to him, not because he looks ridiculous but because there is something in him that seems appealing, can be taken as attractive.

There are, however, certain tips that should be followed that would polish the personality to attractiveness. The thing to be kept in mind is to be unique and beautiful in our own way.


1. Being Yourself

The one thing that immediately the eye of folks is a unique personality. Some people try so hard to look and sound something marvellous, but such an attempt is usually spotted. The person who talks freely in his own way makes the impression of a person easy to talk to. Giving out your opinions and also listening to others may sound simple but it does prove to be effective.

2. Eye Contact And Listening

The wonders of eye contact prove to be cherry on top of the socializing part. Keeping eye contact while conversing would not only keep the other person comfortable but also give him/her confidence in expressing himself more himself/herself. I once read a book called ‘The Lost Art of Listening’  in which the writer emphasised that only listening attentively to the other person create the bond between two stronger than imagined.

3. The Power of Perfume/Colongue

Without a doubt, a very powerful tool. You may forget the name of a person but would not forget the scent he was carrying (if there was some). However, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to appear a snob.

4. Don’t Doubt Yourself

Don't Doubt Yourself Gogle-News

Our minds love to play tricks on us. The moment we began to doubt ourselves, would be the moment everything would start to go wrong.  Be confident in what you do.

5. Show Passion

There is something in everyone that makes him who he is. People are impressed and attracted to the person who has an aim and has something to in life.

6. Don’t Try Too Hard, Live For Yourself

When you would live for yourself, you would realize that everyone needs others for them to socialise. The more you show them you need them, the more they would become difficult. Just live life and show that you don’t really need others to live.

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7. Be Optimistic

The cheerful and positive personality would attract everyone around you. It is like people would live to get anything positive in their hard life, who would make them happy and smiley.

8. Take Care Of Your Hair

8. Take Care Of Your Hair  Gogle-News

After face, the thing quickly takes attention is the hair. It needs to be according to your style and exemplary. If people realise the change in you after you had a different hairstyle, your mission is accomplished.

9. Be Present

Get out of your head and stay in the present. That would not only make you live the fullest but also observe others that are around you.

10. Give Credits

People like when they are appreciated in things they do. That keeps them motivated and make them turn to you when they would feel like they need a good boost.

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