10 Top Cheapest Hotels In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

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Dubai is a big country in the world. Many of tourist go to Dubai for as a visitor. The hotels in Dubai are very much expensive. But here I describe some 3 star hotels which are brilliant to stay in and with extra good amenities. Here is the list of 10 top cheapest hotels in Dubai. There are not so costly.

1. Tryp by Wyndham:

This is one of the cheapest hotels in Dubai. The visitors are provided with full facilities in this hotel. The hotel has its own pool, terrace, and restaurants. It also on the map of Dubai. Easily find by the customers. Their hotel staff is very very good and well mannered. Its branch is also in Abu Dhabi.

Tryp by Wyndham:

2. Ibis Hotels:

Among the low-cost hotels in Dubai, it is the best hotel with a friendly budget. Its budget is too low in the world. It is near to the metro station. This hotel staff is also very brilliant. Every facility which you need is available at fewer prices. There are about 8 branches of ibis hotel in Dubai.

Ibis Hotels:

3. Al-Ain Palace Hotel Dubai:

The place on which this hotel located is the best place. This hotel makes a brilliant impression on customers when they step in. The facilities are just like home. An amazing fact is that it is just 20 min away from the airport. The temperature is too controlled in this place.

Al-Ain Palace Hotel Dubai:

4. Aerotel:

Aerotel is a modern style brilliant hotel. The aerogel hotel is full of facilities that need to a customer. Many travelers which are on long flights prefer this hotel. Because this is best for short-time stay. The rooms are of flexible sizes. This hotel is at an affordable price. It is in Abu Dhabi.


5. Howthorn Suites by Wyndham:

This is a too safe location in Abu Dhabi. It is very good for travelers with big money. This is one of the comfortable and low price three-star hotel in Abu Dhabi. Every type of amenities available for tourists.

Howthorn Suites by Wyndham:

6. Rove:

Rove is a very newly built three-star hotel in Dubai. It has only three branches at the same time. Many of events at different times held in Rove. It is a very lovely hotel for travelers and tourists fond of shows. They have good stay packages with brilliant dining offers.



7. Aloft Al Ain:

It is a very safe palace in Dubai. This is too comfortable a place for any type of tourist. The food at this hotel is very tasty. Mostly people like Aloft food. The hotel is full of designs. Because aloft are very fond of colors. This hotel attracts tourists due to its looking.

Aloft Al Ain:


8. Centro:

It is the less price hotel in Dubai. It’s five branches across the country. This is very affordable in price. The people want quality that prefers this hotel. This hotel is best in quality and less in price.



9. Somewhere:

Somewhere is located near to the metro and taxi stations. The best place for this hotel is the restaurant. This hotel has a lot of branches throughout the whole country. This is also affordable in prices. It is among the cheapest hotels in Dubai.


10. City Max:

City Max has many affordable price branches in the country. They offer long stay packages. Their restaurants and other amenities are very good. There is a chain of city max hotels in the country. The budget for this hotel is too friendly.

City Max:

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