10 Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook

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Facebook can easily be considered as one of the leading social media platforms today.  With almost two and a half billion people, it’s a great source to know and to get known. A step in the world of social media, there is a realm that we need to cross to get known and get likes.

Here are 10 ways to get like on facebook!

1. Timing Is Everything

Look for the best time to post something on Facebook. Know the time when your audience would be active at the most.

For example, it would be useless o post something when people are asleep or at work. People tend to use Facebook after work.

Considering this, the best time would be a few minutes after 7 and noon.

2. Use Photos For Good

A single photo is worth thousand words

Hence, make it worth it.

Photos are an amazing tool to strengthen social media engagements. A photo delivers a message instantly. Make sure to use attractive and clear photos that would easily grab attention.

3. Facebook Contest

The trick is to keep people engaged. This is a fast-moving world. Make sure that your community is worth their time.

Running a contest is a noteworthy way to get engagements. A contest is a concrete way to get loyal fans. A contest would lead to people frequently coming to your facebook page to see whether they have won.

Apps like AgoraPulse, Shortstack, Heyo and others can be of great help.

You can even update the page to run a ‘Timeline Contest’.

Come up with creative and different contests.

4. Facebook Group

One of a great way to get like. However, just making a group is not enough. Make sure that it is active and made of the right people.

Keep the group active by asking questions about their interest. They may comment something on a post but a question would lead to an answer that would lead to a whole discussion. Encourage introductions so people would feel safe to engage with other people.

You can also host events on your Facebook group. Take help from a virtual webinar, Blab or Google Hangout if you like.

5. Crowdsource to Get Answers

Answering a lot of question from the audience can get a bit boring and tiring. Ask others for advice and tips. This way, the followers would feel significant.

Moreover, everyone would have an active knowledge of your service or product.

Social MediaSocial Media

6. Post Frequently

Posting frequent posts would drive followers to your page. In this case, quality has an upper hand to quality.

7. Be Part Of the Conversations

Visit your page frequently and engage in the conversation that takes place in it daily. This would help to create credibility and trust with your followers.

Responding to comments and question quickly would give the impression that they are not following any scam or something.

8. Make Use of Testimonials

Real-life testimonial, nothing works better than it.

Engaging and communicating people through testimonials would make sure that the people would see the practicality of the product you are selling.

9. Create a Memorable Brand

The main purpose of business is to capture the Facebook market. Be sure to make a memorable brand.

Articulate who you really are, what are the traditions and values.

10. Leverage your Friends to Build your Network

Encourage your friends to be active in your fan page. You can even ask them to refer your page to their social circle and so on.

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