10 Ways To Prevent Diabetes

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Diabetes is the most prevalent disease in which there is high level of blood glucose. Glucose is the metabolic product of what we eat and is stored in our cells with the help of insulin to give us energy. In diabetes there is an insulin resistance or less insulin that left the glucose in blood instead of storing it in cells i.e. Hyperglycemia. This leads to various diseases and may be fatal if not controlled.

10 Ways To Prevent Diabetes:

1. Loss Weight:

Losing weight is an important factor to prevent diabetes. Obesity can increase the risk of diabetes. Even losing 5 to 10 pounds of total body weight, helps to prevent diabetes. (the more weight gained the more muscles become resistance to insulin).

2. Do Some Exercise:

In order to lose weight, work out plays a role. However, even a walk or a jog may be helpful too (early morning or after dinner). This is necessary to avoid adopting sedentary ways of living which leads to fatigue and greater chance of diabetes.

3. Quit smoking:

Now-a-days smoking has been very common. And it is very injurious to health. Chances of diabetes are increased on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. It causes high blood sugar levels by interfering with insulin from performing its function. People who are obese and smoke, should avoid it. Or else diabetes along with other diseases may knock the body.

4. Cut processed food:

Processed or refine food have more sugar and less fiber. They may directly or indirectly raise blood glucose, insulin resistances, increase cholesterol levels, increased inflammation and belly fat. All the trigger diabetes development in any individual.

5. Eat more fibers:

High fiber diet have low quantity of sugar or glucose and have slow absorption than crabs or fats. This is the reason why taking fibers is good way to prevent diabetes, or one who already have it, should take fibers too.

6. Avoid sedentary lifestyle:

A person should be healthy and active. Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of diabetes. Eating the right food smoke free life and some activity is helpful to keep you away from diabetes.

7. Use more water, coffee and tea:

Skip all the sugar or carbonated drinks and drink more water. This is necessary for normal regulation of body. Coffee or tea have Polyphemus and caffeine that help in maintaining the levels of sugar and increase response to insulin.

8. Natural herbs:

These are the supplements that help your glycemic levels to be in its range. They include berberine, cinnamon, aleo vera etc they all take part in the uptake of blood glucose into the cells.

9. Vitamins:

Vitamins are important for body functions. In order to prevent diabetes, Vitamin D plays a role in regulation of blood sugar levels. It works by increasing the responsiveness to insulin which lower the levels of blood glucose. It improves the function of pancreatic cells as well. People who have diabetes should take vitamin B12 in their diet.

10. Visit your doctor:

Besides following all the above measures to avoid diabetes, it is necessary to have an appointment with your doctor. Specially when you are above 45 and obese. People who are above 45 are more pron to have diabetes and they need to control blood glucose levels.

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