10 Ways To Quit An Addiction

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However it is very easy to start something and get addicted to it, but it needs a lot of courage and strength to quit an addiction. It can be quite challenging. But its essential to overcome it as it affects your daily life. There are alot of physical, mental, and therapeutic ways to fight an addiction.

1. Take a decision:

Your will is necessary. If you are not willing to quit something, no one else in the world can make you do this. The most crucial step is to decide that you have to quit it no matter how hard it is. This will help you to fight the challenges ahead and will give you the physical and mental strength.

2. Assess your weak sports:

Whatever the addiction is, a bad habit, or any drug addiction, you need to know your weak points. For example; If sometimes yoi feel weaker and when you can not fight the urge to do something. Distract yourself! Find activities to keep you busy and limit your time being idle.

3. Workout:

Working out helps you to release toxin and stress that may weaken your strength to quit an addiction. It makes you physically active and leaves an antidepressant effect. An amazing fact is that working out itself could be quite addicting. A good habit in the place of a bad and damaging one is not a bad deal.

4. Read books:

Books make you to travel in another world, and at times you feel that a part of you has lost somewhere with the ending of a book. You can try reading books in free timings. This will help you to fight against an addiction.

5. Engage in meaningful conversation:

Be it with a friend, colleague, or stranger. The most helpful for the people who are fighting with addiction is conversation therapies. Someone who had listen to what they are going through and is patient enough to deal with advice and help without judging.

6. Limit social surfing:

The internet being an authoritative source of information, has a lot of explicit content that is addicting. Non-working hours surfing can lead to many addictions that are harmful and interfere with your value. Keeping your costs in mind and how addiction is going to affect your personal life is important.

7. Avoid self-medication:

Talking medication to fight sleep and stress on your own without seeking professional help. Long term use of these medication can be addicting and you had never feel satisfied without taking them. You will notice yourself taking these without the need.

8. Stop idealising addiction:

It has now become a trend to romanticise anything without thinking about it’s pros and cons. Just because xyz celebrity or a personality had been doing something, people find it necessary to be like them. They do not know that they are harming themselves by doing so. Everything is not true, that you see on your screen.

9. Track it:

While quitting, keep track of your habits. Check the frequency and intensity of your urge and if it is reducing with time, you are on the right track. This will act as a motivator and will indirectly make you realise that you are close to your goal.

10. Do not lose hope:

Many people in the start of the journey stop trying because they think it is too hard and ia never going to work. You need to keep your faith active that you will make it in the end. Ask yourself it’s important and how necessary it us to overcome it. Tomorrow is never promised, start today!

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