12 Benefits Of Fasting You Should Know

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Food, who does not love it? Food is literally life! One can not imagine living without it. But there are, however, some sects in the world that forbids themselves from eating food for some limited amount of time. Yes, it is real. It’s called fasting.

Deliberately limiting themselves from eating anything, from one side, seems like the most absurd thing ever. Just thinking about it is hard. However, if we look at this situation from another angle things get rather interesting. May not look like it, but there are benefits of fasting.

Here are 12 benefits of fasting that actually exist.

1. Blood Sugar Control

Improving blood sugar control, especially if one is in the risk of getting diabetes is something to be taken account of. According to studies showed that intermittent fasting notably decreases in sugar level in 10 people with 2 types of diabetes.

However, it may work differently for men and women

2. Fighting Inflammation

This one is rather interesting. Acute inflammation is a normal process that helps us fight off infections and chronic inflammation, that can have a serious outcome in our health. According to studies, inflammation can also lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

In addition to this, studies have shown that fasting can help in the decrease of inflammation which can lead to better health.

3. Improves Body Composition And Fitness

This should first be noted that there is a difference between fasting and dieting. It is clear that fasting has a positive impact on overall weight loss and body fat tissues.

Fasting contributes to improving body composition by various factors, primarily by fat metabolism and its action on hormones.

4. Boost Metabolism

‘Satiety’ hormone, also known as Leptin, with its various uses, also increases Thyroid hormone production. The rise in Lepin sensitivity expands the rate of your metabolism if you have a sluggish thyroid.

5. Improves Heart Health

Heart disease is evaluated as the leading cause of death around the word with the estimation of 31.8% of deaths globally.  This can be prevented by switching our lifestyles to the healthier side of life.

According to some research, fasting incorporated in daily life plays a significant role in maintaining heart health and improving it.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

People tend to develop lower blood pressure during fasting. Primarily in the first week of it. It may be not directly because of fasting but of the lower intake of salt.

You can read more about it here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17929537

7. Brain Function

Although this is mostly limited to animal studies, fasting can help in improving brain health.

In a study, the mice can develop their brain function and brain structure by fasting for 11 months. That is a lot, but we got the point. There is, however, need to be done more studies in the effect of fasting on the human brain.

8. Weight Loss

Fasting is picked up by many dieters for a quick and effective way to lose a few pounds. Although exercise is considered as a productive way to lose weight, the calorie intake should be taken into account.

healthy food

Consequently, fasting proves to be practical in weight loss. This doesn’t mean to take all the food you have been dreaming of during the fast when you break the fast. Food intake should be taken into account.

9. Growth Hormone Secretion

Growth Hormone Secretion is the key to growth, muscle strength, metabolism and weight loss. So it is easy to imagine the importance of this hormone.

Studies have shown that fasting naturally increase the production of Growth Hormone Secretion or human growth hormone (HGH).

10. May Delay Aging

As uncertain as it sounds, studies have shown the promising effect on the potential lifespan-extending effects of fasting.

Although this research is limited to animals, researchers are taking the search on human into consideration.

11. May Aid In Cancer Prevention

A test tube research has shown that exposing the cancer cells to a handful cycle of fasting showed that fasting was as effective as chemotherapy. It helps to delay the growth of tumour cells. It also helped in increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs on cancer formation.

12. Healthy Stress Response

As weird as it sounds, mild and infrequent stress is good for you. It challenges your body to become stronger after going through it. Fasting exerts a small amount of stress hormone that may help in the training of your metabolism.

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