13 Friendship Stories From Around The Globe That Would Show You What Friendship Really Is

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When the word ‘relationship’ is heard or read, the first thing that comes into our mind is love. This is the love that would be found between a man and a woman that would find peace just being with each other. If given it more thinking, blood relations come in. There is, however, a kind of relationship that bonds two(or more) people without any blood relation. That is called friendship, which is unfortunately usually taken for granted.

I don’t really know if it happens because of present time or was always the part of life, but true friendship is as rare as true love. Opening contact of a businessman would grant you so many contacts, most of which possess close correspondence. However, only one or two would be the one in front of which he could be truly vulnerable with without any fear of judgement.

Here are true stories from all around the world that would show you what true friendship is and how precious it is.

1. No Eyes, No Arms, A Thousand Miracles

These are not just best friends, but each other reason for life! One is eyes of the other, the other is his hands. They have grown old together in Yeli village China. One of the friends lost his eyesight in 2000 but did not feel the burden because of total support of his friend, who himself had lost his arms in his childhood. Their friendship is not only limited to themselves. Jia Wenqi (the man who lost his arms) carry his friend on his back and carry him across the river (he is doing this for more than 13 years) to the other side where these two spend the day planting trees across the land. The beauty of their strong friendship and effect it has on other people and also the future generations is without a doubt contributory.

2. The Promise

The Promise Gogle-News

Elizabeth Diamond was diagnosed with untreatable brain cancer at the age of forty. She made her childhood best friend Laura Ruffino promise to take care of her 4 daughters when she dies. Today Lily, Ella, Samona and Tara, are being taken care of with full heart and devotion by Ruffino and her husband.

3. Modern Friends

James Willmert struggling with the disability was adopted and had to go through the grief of accidental death of his second father. A bunch of boys from fifth grade once saw James getting bullied in the school playground by his classmates. Jack Pemble, Jake Burgess, Gus Gartzke, Tyler Jones and Landon Kopischke stood up for him and gave him the precious gift of real friendship. Soon, James became part of their hangout sessions and found their common thing love for sports. These guys even gathered some money to buy him PlayStation 3. This act of kindness and true friendship got the attention of media on which James quoted, “All these guys are the best friends anybody could ask for.”

4. Brothers And Friends

Sam Houghton and Andy Houghton are brothers who have strengthened their relationship with friendship. They both are professional sidecar racers, one ride the bike, the other controls the balance on the sidecar. The twist? Andy lost his legs in an accident in 2004. This accident didn’t cause Sam to lose the partner in his racing. They still compete together and enjoy their life fully on the track.

5. Ultimate Support

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Gerdi McKenna lost her hair due to chemotherapy. Her 11 friends took a drastic transformation for her and shaved their hair off. Gerdi probably does not lack in the department of friendship. (see the thubmnail)

6. Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood

Fred Rogers is an American legend famous for his pre-school television show ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood’ He may no longer be alive, but his positive views are still alive. Beyond the man people saw on the television, he was a pioneer who discouraged racial stereotypes, especially on media. He cast François Clemmons, as officer Clemmons who was one of the few black people on the screen. The friendship between these two is one of its own kind. In an interview with François Clemmons, he said,

I was in the studio one day, that particular day he was filming the end of the show and when he got to the part he said, “You make every day a special day you know how by just your being you and…” and I swear that he was looking right into my eyes and when music stopped I said, “Fred, were you talking to me?” He said, “Yes, I have been talking to you for years but you heard me today.”

7. No Date For Prom? Don’t Worry

Probably the coolest story in the article. Anthony Martinez (who is gay BTW) felt sad and regretful of not having a date for the prom night, put up his feelings on his social media account. His straight best friend who didn’t have any date at that time read Martinez’s comment. The day followed by touching promposals ever!

8. Literally Friendship!

J.R.R. Tolkien (author of classic high fantasy books The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit)  and C.S Lewis( author of The Screwtape Letter and The Chronicles of Narnia) may be rivals at first, but soon found the bond of friendship between them. Both were professors at Oxford, famous literary writers and Members of the group called Inklings. Tolkien helped Lewis convert to Christianity and Lewis persuaded Tolkien to complete the novel ‘The Lord of the Ring’. We owe Lewis big time!

9. Friends Don’t Really Have To Be Humans

Friends Don't Really Have To Be Humans Gogle-News

Naturalist Casey Anderson found two bear cubs weeping beside their dead mother in the wilderness of Alaska. His big heart refused to leave the cubs there cold and alone, hence he brought them home. One of the cubs unfortunately couldn’t survive, while the other grew up to become Casey’s best friend of the lifetime whom he names Brutus. Brutus is now an integral part of their family who enjoys swimming in his pool and even Thanksgiving dinners. He even became Casey’s best man at his wedding with Missi Pyle. Compete that!

10. Friendship Of The Famous

Bollywood Stars Raj Kapoor and Hrishikesh Mukherjee shared a special bond of friendship and care. A time came when Raj Kapoor went severely ill, so much that his friend Hrishikesh started to worry for his life. This caused Hrishikesh to write the script of Anand, which finally was dedicated to Raj Kapoor.

11. Once Upon A Precious

Believe it or not, a time came when Nazi and American soldiers enjoyed a  quiet Christmas dinner together during World War II. A mother and her son were going to devour the Christmas dinner when the knock the door surprised them with wounded and armed American soldiers who were willing to spend the Christmas eve quite and peacefully. It goes unsaid that welcoming the enemy troops in their homes was the most dangerous thing the citizen of Germany could do back then. The mother, however, didn’t hesitate and greeted them in their home and offer first aid.

Once Upon A Precious Gogle-News

The tension grew deeper when another knock on the door by Nazi scared the family of what will lie ahead. She disposed of all thoughts and did what was the right thing to do. She took weapons from both sides making them both claim for not killing that night. The soldiers agreed and all of them enjoyed a peaceful Christmas dinner. This precious friendship, however, did not end there. The Nazi soldiers showed the American ones the way back to their quarters and gave them tips of avoiding Nazi captured areas.

12. Correlating Technology

In the times like these, technology has become far better friends than humans themselves. This was proved when a young autistic boy named Gus found Siri (the virtual assistant feature in iPhone) his best friend. Siri sure teaches Gus a thing or two about politeness and how it is alright to have an opinion that is not appreciated by the community at the large. She is, by far, the only friend in Gus’ world who accepts Gus with open arms without any judgements.

13. The Heartwarming

This tale of friendship between a World War II veteran and a toddler will surely melt your heart. 89-year-old World War II veteran Erling Kindem and an almost 4-year-old little Emmett Rychner were best buds and some of their best-loved past-time activities included talking about bugs, fixing bikes, racing lawn mowers and playing baseball and star wars in the backyard. Everything was going well until Emmett’s parents decided to shift into a bigger house somewhere else. Around the same time, Erling’s children asked their almost ninety-year-old father to move into a senior apartment with his unwell wife. A conclusion that caused Erling to broke into tears.



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