13 Turkish Series For Beginners To Get You Hooked

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The east and the west are getting conquered by the awesome-ness of Turkish series. Getting high appreciation from the audience, Turkish series are now available with English Dubbing. But the hardcore fans are more than happy to watch them with English subtitle.

Here are some recent and high rated Turkish series you are going to love!

1. Sefirin Kizi — Ambassador’s Daughter

Sefrin Kizi is a new Turkish series which is getting much appreciation by the international and local fans. This blend of tragedy and drama is about the girl named ‘Nare’ the daughter of an Ambassador who leaves her lover on the wedding night and tries to take her own life. She returns to that man’s life after 8 years with a 8 years old girl named ‘Melek’.

2. Sen Çal Kapimi — You Knock On My Door

Another one of the romance, ‘You Knock On My Door’ is about a young girl named Eda whose passion revolves around career and education but unfortunately is unable to achieve them. Enters in her life is an opportunity. And his name is Serkan. Serkan offers Eda to marry him for 2 months after which he will arrange for her to study abroad. Eda is played by Hande Erçel and Serken is played by Kerem Burcin, the characters themselves became the reason for a great hit.

3. Çukur — The Pit

Çukur  is the blend of action, a thriller with romance. This is a story about the rivalry of two incredibly powerful families; one dealing with weapons and the other dealing with drugs. Two seasons of the series are already aired and is currently airing the third season. Voted by some people as one of the best series they have ever seen, this series is worth seeing.

4. Bay Yanlis — Mr Wrong

This is the story of a man Ozgur who has nothing to do with love. He rather not believes in love. Then there is Özge Gürel who is a great love believer and wants a caring partner in her life.

5. Ask 101

Ask 101 or Love 101 is an original Netflix series and finds itself to the group of unique Turkish dramas. This is an adventure and love series about 1990’s teenagers who had made a goal in their life to bring their basketball coach and a female teacher together. With love.

6. Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir — My Home My Destiny

A novel based tv series, Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir  is about a poor girl called Zeynep adopted by a rich family. This family shift causes a lot of suffering in her life. As the story progressed, her poor biological mother disapproves of her to marry a rich guy and wanted her daughter to marry a middle-class man named Mehdi.

 Atiye — The Gift


7. Atiye — The Gift

The Gift is fantasy/ mystery drama about a girl whose happy life in Istanbul gets upside down from discovery in an archaeological site. This mysterious happening is witnessed by an archaeologist named Erhan.

8. Afili Aşk — Love Trap

Love Trap is a brand new Turkish series which also has gotten the crown one of best Turkish series of the year! It is a light-pitch romance that would fill your hearts with love.

9. Dirilis: Ertugrul — Resurrection: Ertugrul

One of the highest-grossing drama of the Turkish industry, this drama has taken Pakistan by storm. Not just Pakistan but the whole world. This drama revolves around a man in the 13th century who sets out to protect his home and also unify the Islamic world. Warning: you are going to get addicted.

10. Rise Empires Ottoman

This Netflix series is one of those who set out to tell the history of the Ottoman Empire. The brave King Mehmed II goes through many problems while running the kingdom. The series is also available in the English dub by Netflix.

11. Kara Sevda — Endless Love

A must watch if you are a fan of romance and quality. One of the most suggested Turkish drama, Kara Sevda is about a girl who gives up her life just to hide a family secret and decides to marry a psychopath.

12. Sampiyon — The Champion

A drama with a strong theme and storyline, The Champion is about a passionate boxer who had to leave the ring due to his injury. But he decides to conquer the ring again with his son.

13. Muhafiz – The Protector

Muhafiz is yet again one of the famous Turkish Netflix series out there. Hakan Demir possesses special power which he uses against dark forces.

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