14 Most Weirdest Jobs Ever That Would Actually Pay

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The world is filled with weirds, whether they be things, weather (seriously, it also rains once in a rare while!), traditions and customs and even laws(don’t ask!). Then what’s wrong with a weird job. They sure can prove to be something fresh if we just get tired from our long boring jobs. If you are looking for something different in life plus good pay, you are in the right place. Or maybe just take it as fun.

All the following jobs can be different and fun, but few of them can prove to be as hardworking jobs as the stereotype ones.


1. Professional Sleeper

Just the dream job for half the population on the planet. I mean how cool is that! You get to pay to sleep. However, all coolness of this job on one side and the point that it is a job on other. It is due to the fact that it can get tough when the job requires you to spend eight hours to spend in a room where you would have to go through the routine of the customer( which may include sleeping after a drink or cup of coffee). The situation may be tested in dim light or a bright one, the quite or bright light arrangements and of course the adjustment of the temperature perfect for sleeping for the travellers. Imagine going this job for a luxury bed producer for some hotel. How much work would that be!

2. Professional Snugglers

If there is such thing out there, that you now have to hire professionals to snuggle with… Well, it gives out a very lonely feeling. Anyway believe it or not there is such thing. There are few companies out there that provide the professional huggers give the most enjoyable and relaxing hug that would sure make you want more. But a job is a job, someone is getting hugs, he would have to pay between $60 to $80 for an hour (only hugs). By the way, most professional snugglers would have to read a very curious book, ‘Cuddle Sutra’. I mean why not.

On the side note, 99% of women in this profession are women. I wonder why? (Thumbnail)

3. Drying paint watcher

On one glance of reading the heading, mostly one thing would come into your minds. Pfffttt… What a joke! Guess what? It’s not. It is an actual job out there. The is a guy in the UK in this job who paints sheets of cardboard (which can take days) to test how long the new paint to get dry and also look at the changes for the texture and colour.

4. Full-time Netflix viewer

Full-time Netflix viewer Gogle-News

I can’t even imagine the luck these people get into. It’s like all the luck in your life in exchange for this job. So yeah, Netflix has hired someone just to watch all the content on it for days and night before it is available to the public, so their role is to review and set tags to each programme, which assist the viewer to find exactly what they want.

5. Train Pusher

If you think the underground public transport is bad, think again. There are special people hired in Japan aka ‘oshiya’ whose job is to push as many people they can in the service train. Like if I go through this again, there are so many people who do not want to get late that they have to fit in the train by hook or by crook. To justify maybe the job is not weird but the work for the job itself? But if look at the positive side, they don’t want to waste time and achieve as much as they want. That is not such a bad thing.

6. Professional Mourner

Professional Mourner Gogle-News

Professional Mourner, also known as the funeral contractors are hired to mourn on funerals of their loved ones. I don’t know why, but people do that. Hence, this being a job requires you to do hard training and practice of different types of mourning. Maybe you can get lucky and get hired if nothing, this job can make $30 to $120 per funeral that typically last for two to three hours. That means you can go to two or more funerals a day.

7. Pet Food Taster

Pets are one of the important part of our family. So just like the others, we have to make sure that they get everything healthy and perfect for their taste. That’s where pet food tasters come in. These people have to taste bones, tinned meat, and biscuits. And no, they don’t really take the mouthful of a bite just to taste a little bit and spit it out of their mouth. They are also hired by some companies to test the flavour from the food of rival companies and suggest some opinions if they are lacking something. Maybe if you think the job doesn’t suit you, maybe the money would convince you. Pet Food Taster can make up to $40K yearly.

8. Paper Towel Sniffers

You would probably have noticed that some paper towels small great and some don’t have any smell at all. The delicious smell from the paper towels gets to you by the hard work of paper towel sniffers who take paper towels from the manufacturers and sniff to make sure that no unwanted smell reaches the customer. Thousands of job applications are sent every year. No wonder, you can make up to $1000 a week becoming a paper towel sniffer. However, bear this in mind that it is easier to get a job as a brain surgeon than this job.

9. Line Standers

If you don’t like queuing, there is a perfect solution, just hire a line stander. This person would get in a long boring line for you and you can just sit at your couch relaxing drinking coffee. People would easily get into these lines for the favourite product that has just launched. But these the wait can go even up to 19 hours! It’s a hard and boring job that can be well paid and can make you earn more than $1000 a week. But let us consider all the weather conditions. It can be too sunny and snowy. All things aside, a job is a job.

10. Water Slide Tester

One of the most fun jobs out there. The water park is one of those places, where most of us get a trip at least on summer vacations. They, being the important part f the holiday should maintain their fun quality. The job of the water slide tester is to make multiple trips down the water slides to check ‘how much water does it need?’, ‘how quickly can you reach the bottom?’, ‘how safe and fun is it?’. O man! what a hard job! You should also keep this in mind that the salary of water slide tester can reach up to $ 35,000 a year. You only have to get selected from thousands of applicants.

11. Snake Milker

Snake milk, poison can be used in many things, but it is widely used in medical researches and to provide anti-venom, so it is natural that there is high demand for snake poison every year. This is where snake milkers come in. Snakes milker spend their days pushing the snake’s venom(certain types only) in a plastic container to extract the snake. This is the job for people with steel nerves, who are expert in manual handling. One simple mistake can prove to be fatal. Anyways the paycheque covers the risk. A snake milker can easily earn $3,000 a month.

12. Marmite Taster

Marmite Taster Gogle-News

You would either love it or hate it. The level of loving this product goes up the peak in case of St John Skelton. As a part of marmite testing team is responsible to analyse the texture, flavour and consistency of thousands of batches of marmite. In fact, the chief marmite taster St John Skelton retired after testing about 264 million jars of his career. But the thing that makes it more interesting is the pay which could reach an average annual salary of $31,670.

13. Stunt Tester

There may be times when you see shows like’Fear Factor’ of ‘X Factor’ wondering how on earth they can ask the contestants to do such a thing like eating bugs and real life disgusting bugs? But the fact is that very much care about their contestant and hire a stunt tester to check whether the stunt is safe to attempt or not. They do not want anyone to get hurt (except the person to do it the first time ever, whatever it is their job! I am being sarcastic if you haven’t noticed). The pay, however, is high, which kind of compensates all.

14. Armpit Sniffers

Armpit sniffers work for the deodorant manufacturer companies to ensure the quality of the product. To scale the product, armpit sniffers have to do their jobs in all kind of situations to set a scale the product would work. So it is highly likely that they would have to sniff the armpit of someone who came after an intense workout, to check if the hard work of the manufacturers is paying off. Speaking of which, the number of armpits they have to sniff can reach up to 60 per hour in all different kind of situations. Do you want to make the world smell great and have guts to sniff all kind of armpits? If the answer is yes, then you may be able to earn $50,000 a year.


So, which one of these you choose if you want to do something different in your life?

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