15 Astonishing Facts About Dreams You Probably Don’t Know

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Dreams are one of the mysterious things that stick around us from time to time. Some people out there manage to take out meaning from the most senseless dreams. Others just take it as a phenomenon of science and don’t think about them much. Nevertheless, dreams are mysterious and often leave us with many questions.

Curious or not, here are some dream facts that would leave you surprised.

1. Sleep Paralysis

If you think nightmares are bad, sleep paralysis can be your nightmare turned reality. In sleep paralysis, your body would go through temporary inability to move or talk either while falling asleep or waking up. People experience such thing when they are perfectly awake. This is a transitional state between sleep and wakefulness. This makes it hard to decipher if the individual is wide awake or dreaming.

On top of that, it is accompanied by horrible hallucinations of the supernatural entity in your room, as well as the feeling of suffocation and getting attacked. The individual may feel difficulty in breathing while going through the state. Especially if a person is going through such first time in their life.

There are, however, numerous ways to prevent such thing from happening like avoid sleeping on your back and getting sufficient amount of sleep.

2. Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid eye movement or REM is the state when your body is paralysed to give it the most amount of time to have a full body rest. REM is important for you to awake fresh the next day. It also aids the body to not move while you are dreaming.

Some people, however, don’t get to such stage. There are even some reports of some people acting their dreams. Few occasions have resulted in broken arms or legs of the individual. Some people have hurt others and broke items of furniture. The bizarre case is probably of the individual who brunt their house down.

3. Pets Can Dream

Who could have thought? Like people, animals go through many stages of the sleep cycle. They tend to have multiple dreams when they experience the state of REM. Cats go through REM every 25 minutes. For dogs, it varies depending upon size. For larger dogs like the German shepherd, might dream for five minutes every 45 minutes. While the smaller dogs can dream for 2 minutes every ten minutes.

What do our pets dream about? Studies show that animals dream about small clips of experience in their real-life playing in the park or chasing a mouse.

4. Black And White dreams

We see colours, some people have acclaimed to experience their dreams in black and white. Such cases are mostly reported in the people who are above fifty-five. This may be due to the fact that they had black and white television while growing up. At least 12 per cent of the people reported having dreams in black and white. This number dropped as the colour television became more common and popular. That too, that the younger generation such as college student did not report having black and white dreams at all.

5. Blind People Dream

They may dream not similar to as normal people, but they do experience dreams. However, what they dream would differ depending on the individual. If someone who is blind since birth only involves auditory dreams. An auditory dream is a dream with only audio with no picture. So basically a blind person since birth would have dreams in a manner he experience his everyday life.

If a person who was born with the measure of sight before becoming blind can have dreams with pictures. There is, however, variation from person to person. Some blind people can see various colours and blurry faces

6. Real Life Encounters

You may have experienced such a thing when you perfectly recognise a person in your dream but have no idea who that person is when you wake up. Sometimes when we dream, we see faces od the people we don’t really recognise.

Real Life Encounters


Even though your mind seems to have fabricated these faces, in real life you have encountered these faces. It doesn’t necessarily mean you know this individual passing by in the street or a movie trailer.  It is hard to keep track of a million faces we have seen in our life. Our brain associates face through familiarity. So we have a neverending amount of characters for our mind to create during our dreams.

7. Astral Projections

Astral projections are the out of body experience that separates the astral body from the physical one and enables it to travel out of it. There is, however, no scientific explanations of manifestation of consciousness or soul. So proving astral projection is difficult. Practitioners describe the experience as euphoric with intense energy. Being separate from the body, the astral soul is able to travel different realms in the material universe.

Astral projection is observed in various cultures like Egypt, Japan and India.

8. Premonitions

Have you ever experienced a strong feeling that something bad is about to happen? If yes, you may have been going through premonitions. Many people have experienced premonitions in their dreams. Human beings spend their third of life sleeping, so having premonitions is not uncommon.

Dreams sometimes give insight into our subconscious that triggers the feeling that something bad is about to happen before it actually happens. Some people had premonitions of real-life vents such as the sinking of Titanic, the terrorist attack of 9/11 and premonitions of their life. If it happens, don’t feel guilty that you could have stopped it. Some premonitions may never occur at all.

9. Dreams are Lost

Dreams are Lost

90% of the dreams are forgotten in the first five minutes we wake up. Recalling a dream is hard. There are several techniques out there for an individual to practice dream recall. Not moving when you wake up may work, because you can get back to sleep. Writing down your dreams in a dream journal may help you remember small details in the dream such a sound, colour or dialogue. Or if you seem too sleepy to wake up from your dream, set an alarm to wake you up the time you are most likely dreaming.

10. Dreams Inspired Ideas

We often have such dreams that do not make any sense at all. Sense or not, you need a good night rest and a hint of creativity to get that bulb shining in your head. With that said, there are few inventions that inspired the dreams. For example, a violent murder dream of getting stabbed gave the idea to inventor Elias Howe to invent the sewing machine. Famous director James Camaron dreamt of the movie ‘Terminator’ while he was sick and dreamt of a robot coming out of the fiery explosion. Other inventions that were inspired by dreams include Larry Page’s Google company and James Watson’s DNA double helix form. These people lived their dreams, literally.

11. Anxiety Stem From Dreams

Dreams of falling down, unpreparedness, embarrassment, teeth falling and flying root form the common anxieties from our daily lives. For instance, if you dream about failing a test. That may direct to the fact that you are going through the stress of passing the exam.

Dreams are connected with emotions and thoughts of our daily life. So dream anxiety is quite normal. Content in dreams can occur anytime in life, but it is more focused on recent activities on what you did. So if you are very stressed, your dreams would reflect your state of mind.

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12. Dream Deja Vu

Deja Vu is that experience that we perceive as experienced before, even though we have no memory of it happening. Many of us have dreamt about revisiting specific places. Even though we may have dreamt about it, it may not be as accurate as we remember it. For example, you have dreamt of your house that does not look like your house but you know that it is our house due to gut instinct.

One study in memory of consolidation showed that dreams often can project false memories in our mind through the feelings of familiarity. Everything looks familiar because we may have seen something like it before.

13. Sleep Walking

As the name suggests, sleepwalking is an unusual behaviour of walking or doing certain activities while deep on sleep. It is most common in children but some adults do it as well. It is most likely to occur when the person is sleep deprived. This is followed by the fact that a person has a difficult time remembering the sleepwalking episode because they are probably asleep at the time.

Sleep Walking

This stage happens before the REM stage in which the dreaming takes place. In other words, we can have control over our bodies without actually taking responsibility for actions that we do. It is both scary and fascinated at the same time.

14. Drugs

Drugs, legal or illegal can have an impact on our dreams, as well as vitamins. Different drugs cause different effects. Some people can get acquaintance with intense REM due to a certain medication while antidepressants are known to give frequent nightmares.

Vitamin B6 is a popular drug for dreams, known to create more vivid and popular dreams. Illegal drugs such as MDMA and LSD are also known to cause unexplainable and bizarre dreams.

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15. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the state when the dreamer is aware that he is in a dream and try to take control and change the setting over it.

There are two ways of achieving lucid dreams. One way, it can be induced while already dreaming, informing the dreamer that they are asleep through dream realizations. The second way is rather hard. It is to practice consciousness from the awakened state to sleep state. Lucid dreaming can be hard to master if you have never done it before so keep practising!

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