15 Most Expensive Things Purchased

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Humans, rich or not, look for the next thing to happen in their lives for their lives to become more complete. This scale of human nature becomes a lot greater when it comes to tich people. A point comes in the life of these people when they just think of how to spend their money which they have loads of. With everything they have on their list, they tend to go beyond, which would at least make them spend their money, which is still stacking up in their accounts.

Following are the most expensive things purchased that would make you wonder, how much of the actual amount the buyer got.

1. Huia Bird’s Feather

The last bird of Huia gave its life peacefully in 2010, which automatically made them extinct. What would make your office grander than a feather of an extinct bird? The feather of Huia bird was sold off at $10,000.

2. Manhattan Parking Spot

It is good in the sense that your parking spot would always be available to you whenever you need. Manhattan Parking Spot sold off in $1 million, which was six times the cost of the Amerian home.

3. Magnetic Floating Bed

How cool is that? A bed that floats! This bed floats a few feet above the ground and would surely give a good night sleep to the owner. This magnetic bed was sold off to $1.6 million. Maybe not so expensive considering that it is one of kind.

4. Crystal Piano

Being very different from its classical black piano look, the crystal piano was sold off in an auction to $3.2 million. What makes this a lot cooler is that this piano was used in the Bejing Olympics Games.

Crystal Piano Gogle-News

5. A Photograph Called Rhein II

‘Rhein II’ is worlds most expensive photograph sold off at $4.3 million! (prices of which are still stacking up) The photograph was taken in 1999 by Andreas Gursky, shows the German river with enriching grass. The picture is quite simple, but hey, you know what they say,’ Elegance in simplicity’.

6. Gold-Plated Bugatti Veyron

The name says everything. The stupendous gold-plated Bugatti Veyron was sold off to a middle-eastern billionaire to $10 million. He sure knows how to spend his money!

7. “Dead Shark” Art Piece

Formerly known as ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’, it is the creative art of a dead tiger shark that is submerged in formaldehyde. The unique feature of this big art piece is that the viewers tend to look at a shark close enough without any boundaries of media or screen. It was purchased by an anonymous hedge fund manager at the price of $21 million.

8. The Domain ‘Insure.com’

This purchase even managed to find its way in The Guinness Book of Records,  for the most expensive domain ever sold for $16 million. This domain is now run by California-based marketing firm QuinStreet. At least they invested in something that would also give hem return.

9. Watch Made from 201-Carat Gemstones

This insane watch made from 201-carat gemstones is surely one of its kind. This watch by Chopard has a total of 874 diamonds on it that leaves no space for it to go dull. Knowing that this watch is $25 million, is not much of a surprise.

Watch Made from 201-Carat Gemstones Gogle-News

10. The Graff Pink Diamond

Famously known as the greatest diamonds ever discovered, the Graff Pink diamond was sold off at bidding prize of $46 million. What makes this rare gem more desirable than it already is its colour of fancy intense pink which is sometimes likened with pink champagne.

11. 1963 Ferrari GTO

This car is the highlight of all car lovers. The previous owner sold this car off at $70 million! The experts say that the prices of 1963 Ferrari GTO are stacking up and can also cost about $100 million in the next three to four years. So yeah.

12. The Card Players

‘The Card Players’ the famous series of five paintings made by French artist Paul Cézanne. One of the versions of the painting was sold off to the royal family of Qatar at about almost $272 million, which makes it the second most expensive work of art to ever sell off.

The Card Players Gogle-News

13. Villa Leopolda

The fact that this villa was used in World War II as a hospital, makes it more desirable to the rich. It is a sprawling estate Villefranche-sur-Mer, which is located on French Riveria. It is on the market for about $700 million.

14. Antilia

India may be one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is also home to the world’s most expensive privately owned home now about $2 billion! This house consists of 27 storeys that stack high in the sky with the staff of almost 600 to run the house 24/7. Talk about expensive!

15. The History Supreme Yacht

The reason that ‘The History Supreme Yacht’ is listed the most expensive purchased in this article is due to the fact that it is made from solid gold to platinum. Yes, all over the yacht. There also are the statues made up of real bones of dinosaurs. This grand yacht was bought by an anonymous billionaire of Malaysia for $4.5 billion. 





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