15 Weirdest Products On Amazon That People Actually Buy

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Amazon seems to have a solution to every problem, may they be paper towels or an extravagant bad-ass technology. Think of anything, you will definitely find it here. As amazing it is, some things force us to think, ‘who really makes these things’ but the next question makes us reason more is ‘who buys these things’? But hey, it’s a big world we can’t judge anyone.

Here are a few Amazonian products that would not cease to amaze us!


1. 1500 Live Ladybugs

If they say live, it means it is their responsibility that they should reach its customers alive. But lets not just ignore the weirdness of the offer they make. First of all, ladybugs being sell worldwide s a product. Second, in 1500! Sure a parent wants to take his child closer to nature and make him familiar with such things (or whatever) but 1500? That is a lot. It’s not like they ran out of ideas eventually have to set on 1500 of the ladybugs to sell.

2. Prank Boxes

Prank Boxes Gogle-News

Looking for something to prank with? Prank boxes are one of the best things out there. On the screen, it would just seem like a bunch of products in a box you can prank people with. However, you would get to know that you yourself have been pranked. The final product that would get to you would be a card with a picture of the product you ordered. It’s a gag. Eight dollar gag.

3. Cow Wall Decal

‘Wait, is that a was peeking in my apartment from the side of the fridge?’ Cow wall Decal is the realistic looking portrait of a cow peeking in. It can be a great way to introduce joy and fun in your daily life. Would surely entertain everyone who would pass by.

4. Sheep Placenta

The first thing that came into my mind when I read this was ‘wow, they are really not wasting anything’. Basically, anything that you can find on the body of the animal is precious and can be the source of money. My guess is that there must be some sheep dead in their flock and then they rattled their mind of what to do with it. ‘Eat it? Sell it? Oh what about the placenta, it would cause pollution on earth if just let it go? Nah, let’s just sell it, there are a lot of people out there, maybe someone accidentally clicks buy the product on it?’ Lame I know.

5. Nothing


A perfect gift for someone who has everything. Just as the name suggests, it’s nothing with definitely makes it something! A great thing about this is, when you receive the gift ‘nothing’, you should know you have everything. Or maybe contradict to your friend who has everything, you can show off ‘nothing’ which he can’t definitely have.

6. Candle For Lefties

Hey, righties! you think that there are so many of you, no one would notice us lefties? You are wrong, we have our own candle which also small like weird scissors. Compete that! Plus, it has 60 hours burn time.

7. Lick’em Fairy Odd Novelties Cat Scratcher

What happened to pat? That does not work anymore? Sure we love our pets and want the best for them. This product makes realised it and makes something to attach to our mouth and lick them? Yeah go ahead, why not?

8. Finger Hands

Sure, why not? There may be many uses for fake hands for each of your fingers. You want to celebrate something so great that a simple high five will not do. How about twenty-five high five. How about waving your child performing on the stage? If still think that is not good, fret not. You can easily find finer hands for your finger hands. Imagine, how much we do from our five fingers. What can we do from one hundred and fifty-five fingers!

9. Gotta Go Poncho

 Gotta Go Poncho

At first, I thought it was ridiculous, but more I thought about it, I was like yeah, why not? It’s a great idea. This thing is perfect when you want to ‘go’ and can’t. Like if you are in a concert, or you are camping, even when you are waiting on the New Year’s eve for Times Square to drop the ball. Each poncho contains a gel that immediately turns into some gel when it gets contact with the liquid. In addition to this, there is a poop bag what they like to call ‘no-miss triple harness catch system’, and of course, wipes.

10. Wine For Cats

You don’s want to exclude your little Timothy in your celebrations. Taking a couple of bottles would definitely not take you oner to ‘crazy’ territory. Fret not, that is actually not alcohol, but it would definitely give your cat some human experience and get it a little tipsy. This thing is made from beet and herbs. Nothing sounds better than chilling with your cat and become a duo right?

11. Frog-Shaped Soap (His name is Stephen)

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Stephen can be that friend when you want to wash your hands in a public washroom. Plus, he would listen to all your problems and would advise you ‘a nice warm bath is a key to every problem!’ Let’s not be judging, soaps come in every shape and size. So what it’s frog-shaped. So what it’s name is Stephen.

12. Kama Pootra

This book is the ultimate compilation of someone’s creative imagination. It contains a total of 52 different poses you can ‘go’ to. Think about it, we probably have been doing the same way all our lives. Time for some change, something different. Someone may get inspired by reading it and try to invent something new. Who knows? it’s a big world.

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13. Colouring Book Of Farting Animals

Yes, a colouring book of farting animals. For kids. This idea may sound ridiculous, but on the other hand, we can teach our kids to be mature and accept the fact that every creature on earth does it. It’s nothing to laugh about, look even a panda do it, that doesn’t mean they are not cute. It will also help your child to be creative and choose colours for the arts for every animal. Would keep them busy.

14. See-Through Gummy Bear Model

See-Through Gummy Bear Model

We all love gummy bears, they are delicious and add sugar in our life. There is, however, an amazing version of it that helps us get to know these better. Way better. ‘See-Through Gummy Bear Model’ comes with 41 pieces puzzle piece of the whole anatomy of our little gummy bear. You would get to know where the intestines go, where the ribs. Basically, you can become a gummy bear surgeon by studying form it.

15. Cheetos Socks

Who doesn’t love Cheetos? They are one of everyone’s favourite snacks out there. Though, some people may love it like ‘crazy love’ and want to express their sincere feelings and shout out o the world that you are a die-hard fan of Cheetos. If you are thinking of doing it, go ahead, Cheetos socks are the best option out there. They come in various sizes and is available to every Cheetos fan in the world.

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