15 World Strange World Records 2018

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With the world full of talent and intelligence, it’s hard to compete for the world to prove yourself. But there are few people (or animals) out there that become one in the whole wide world who have something no one in the world has. The list can go from amazing to something weird and amazing. But hey, at least they got a world record!

Following are few world record of this year that may remind you of the year that is going away, or can remind you of remembering this year by some astounding things.


1. Longest Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are the dream of every girl. You Jianxia from China holds the world record of longest eyelashes (upper eyelid). She has an amazing long eyelash on her upper left eyelid of 12.4cm.

2. Oldest Bodybuilder

Jim Arrington jas taken care for himself to such great extent that his name would be found under the heading of the oldest bodybuilder at the age of 85 years and 6 days.

3. Longest fingernails on the pair of hands

Ayanna Williams managed to break the record of longest fingernails previously owned by Lee Redmond, with impressive 5.56 meters of total long nails!

4. Tallest high top fade

The Internet is loaded with things of experiments of people doing on themselves of their friends. Benny Harlem’s 52cm high top fade surely caught the attention to be enlisted as a world record. P.S it takes two hours to style this, with the additional situation of doorways as a minefield.

Tallest high top fade Gogle-News

5. Longest legs (female)

Dreams of men… Anyway, Ekaterina Lisina holds the record of longest legs with  52.2in (132.5cm) on her left leg, and 52in (132cm) on her right leg. So you can say that her legs alone are like four feet.

6. Most Marmite Eaten

Andre Ortolf managed to eat most marmite in one minute ( in the world). Not sure how to react to that.

7. First Implanted Antenna

Nothing stopped Andre Ortolf to see colours as he was brave enough to implant an antenna on his head that enables him to see waves coming out of colours. Too complicated? In other words, he decided to do so as he can’t really see colours. He is the first person to do so. Merging with the technology I mean.

8. Most Jenga blocks removed by a whip

How talented must she be? April Choi is a master in Jenga blocks to remove them with a whip.
Most Jenga blocks removed by a whip Gogle-News

9. First prosthetic tattoo gun arm

JC Sheitan Tenet wears the gun arm created by artist and engineer JL Gonzal and uses it for his blurring and shading work.

10. Most balloons blown up in an hour

Yes, there even is a record for that. Hunter Ewen proudly holds the record for most balloons blown up in an hour. A pretty unique talent.

11. Most slam dunks by a rabbit

There must be very few in this world but, the world record for most slam dunks by a rabbit goes to Bini the bunny. Congratulations.

12. The longest tail on a domestic cat (living)

Silver Maine Coon cat Cygnus has the longest tail that got her into the record books of 44.66cm. Awesome!

13. Most full-size LEGO superheroes

Believe it or not, there is a whole big Batmobile out there just made out of lego. And Nathan Sawaya is a proud owner of it.
Most full-size LEGO superheroes Gogle-News

14. Tallest domestic cat ever

Once see it, you would have to look again that your eyes are not deceiving you. Measuring 48.4cm, cat Arcturus Aldebaran Powers (yes that’s his name) is keeping hold of this title, that would surely take time to get taken.

15. Largest collection of teddy bears

She only had one teddy bear back in 2000 named “Grandma Jackie”, now Jackie Miley of South Dakota has made some addition in the family total of 8,025 teddy bears.




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