16 Haircare tips For Men For Perfect Hair

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Hair is important. Haircare is necessary. It is not confined to the realm for women.

Even if you are beginner, these men haircare are easy to apply in our life. Just one step a time.

Here are 15 hair care tips men need to keep in mind to take care of their hair.

1. Dry Gentle

Hair when wet, are prone to get damaged if treated wrong. Patting them to dry would be a better option than to rub. Least stress on the scalp as possible.

2. Over-wash

It’s common speculation in men to wash hair quite often. Shampoos are made from chemicals, which when excessive use can damage your hair. Washing the hair twice or thrice a week would ensure the hair health as well as avoiding the essential oil from the scalp to lose out.

3. Egg Conditioner

Hair loves all the proteins and essential sulphur in the eggs. Just a bit of change as a change in the product can give you good results.

4. Avoid Comb-Over

You can manage thinning hair by having a hair cut that suits. Comb-over is not the best option out there.

5. Chlorine Damage

The chlorine present in the swimming pools is bad news for hair. Not just bad news, but very bad news. So it would be best to avoid it. Make sure to wear a swimming cap before swimming. On the other hand, you can also apply mild conditioner on wet hair before entering the pool.

6. Limited Products

When styling the hair, using too much of the products like hair gel, hair spray or hair wax would make your hair look heavy and unnatural. Try to achieve the style by minimal products.

7. Clarifying Shampoo

Your hair can become lifeless and dull with the usage of products over a period of time. A clarifying shampoo with clarifies that your hair retains their shininess. Vinegar is also an option that would help in balancing the pH level for the hair. Might sound sceptical, but it really works.

8. Hydration

Some of you may not like it, but water is essential for not just your hair but your body. Make sure to drink the right amount of water every day. It would not just keep your hair healthy, but also your skin.

9. Wash, don’t repeat

If you are one of those who wash their hair twice just to be sure, stop. You are supposed to just wash your hair right. Rinse and repeat would only put more chemical on your hair in one go. Nothing more.

10. Cut Down The Heat

Letting hair dry naturally is the best way to dry them. It would ensure that the hair does not get frizzy in the future. Too much heat is bad news for hair, so if you are using a dryer, make sure to go for low heat setting.

16 Amazing Tips For Men Haircare

Men haircare

11. Trim It

Unless you are going for a man bun, trimming the hair after 4-6 weeks is reasonable. A word of advice, morning appointments are better to come across less busy and less fatigued hairdresser.

12. Lukewarm Water

Go for not too hot, or not too cold water temperature for your hair.

13. Stay Natural

All the chemical treatments out there like straightening, perming and colouring, if repeatedly used, can damage the hair beyond repair. Keeping them minimum would be ideal. Not a surprise seeing this one in men haircare.

14. Avoid Tight Hats

Tight hats or even tight ponytails can lead to hair loss, that sometimes even to permanent.

15. The Right Tools

Hair is delicate, treat them as such. A wide-toothed comb would be better than a brush when combing your hair wet.

16. Healthy Lifestyle

Good food always leaves a good impact on your body. Stay positive and get plenty of exercise, water and sleep.

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