16 Low-Stress Jobs That Actually Exists

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You may know this already, there is no 100% stress-free job in the world. There are, however, some of the jobs that would give you little stress than the rest of them.

There may be loads of things that give you stress at work. Bad paycheck, that grumpy boss, overloading of work, you name it! Here is the list of jobs that are considered low-stress ones. Low-stress jobs. Okay.


You would need a master’s degree for this job. The anthropologist is the people who study human behaviour, their culture, biology and language. They may work as professors, museum curators, researchers, consultants for businesses and organization. Their job may include writing reports, collecting and analyzing data and advising government entities and groups of people.

Environmental Science and Protection Technician

Researching our environment and strive to save our planet is becoming a priority over time. Environmental Science and Protection Technician inspect businesses and public places and look for the source of pollution, as a result, collect water and air samples to test in the laboratories. They have to make sure that the organizations go according to government regulations.  These people may be employed by labs, government agencies of by consulting agencies.

Bookkeeping, Accounting and Audio Clerk

If you have post-secondary coursework in accounting, you might want to apply to this job. People of this profession keep track of records and financial transactions for companies. Hence their work includes producing check reports, income statements and balance sheets for accuracy. You might want to know about some specialized computer programs and basic math skills.

Insulation Contractors

Not a problem if you just have a high school degree. This job requires to install the material in buildings that prevent cold and heat from seeping in or out, along with preventing noises from passing through the walls. Yeah, stuff like that.


These are the people who are mapmakers who produce a visual image of the geographic information they collect. They handle things like, satellite images, surveys, photographs, and light-imaging and raging technology.

Medical Record Technician

MedicalMedical Record Technician Record Technician

While all the doctors are out there treating the patients, these people make sure that all their things are organized and record of the patients are taken well care of.


Why not? The job may be indoor or outdoor. Talk about low-stress jobs!


Unlike all the stressful life of fictional Indiana Jones, the life of a real archaeologist is much calm. They look in settlements for skeletal remains, art and tools which are analyzed. Protection of historical sites is also kept in mind.

Hearing-Aid Specialist

I never knew it was a thing. These are health care workers who analyze the patient and determine how much of hearing they have lost. According to it, adjust devices for the proper fit for the patient.

Message Therapist

We ought to talk about the message in low-stress thing right? These are the people who just message people’s stress and pain away.


All math stuff belong to this field as they analyze all kind of data that may include health care, government, engineering etc.


The job of the orthodontist is to straighten up people’s teeth. That is originally the job of an orthodontist, not a dentist. Who knew?

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

These are the heroes that work so that we can use more of the energy coming from the sun. They maintain and install solar panels to the roofs of businesses and homes while also connecting them to the electrical systems.

Survey Researcher

Collect facts and analyze them. Period.

Web Developer

The world now the practice is run by the internet. These are the people who run the internet. This is considered as a low-stress job. Just make sure that you are not distracted.


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