20 Clever Ways To Clean Difficult Stains In Your Home

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Stubborn Stain… The only word that comes into our mind is the painfully long process of a fight with them. Everyone (okay, maybe not everyone) surely goes through the process of cleaning and washing those stains with long hours of scrubbing.

Here are smart and clever hacks to wipe of resistant stains with one go!

1. Burnt Pan Base

The nightmare of dark based pans can be solved by vinegar, heat and elbow grease. You can also boil water in the burnt pan with salt in it. Those pans are easy to wipe.

2. Copper-Bottomed Pans

Use vinegar and salt for strong stains of Copper Bottomed Pans to make them shine.

3. Stainless Steel

The ‘stainless steel can be scrubbed away with Magic Eraser.

4. Stove Vents

Stove vents can be de-grimmed by soaking them in boiled water with baking soda.

5. Greasy Kitchen Dust

Whether on stoves or the kitchen itself, grease can be pretty hard to remove. Just use mineral oil on it.

6. Porcelene Sink

Dishwasher and sponge can help loads in whitening the dirty porcelain sink.

7. Oven

Stained oven glass, rubber and plate can easily be viper with lemon juice or vinegar.

8. Glass Bakeware

The mixture of castile soap and baking soda scrubbed off with a toothbrush is useful for all the bakers out there.

9. Stove

Swab the cooked-off food off the stove by covering it with baking soda and damp cloth.

10. Faucet

The all-time stubborn stains of faucet can be cleaned by dumping them in dishwasher, vinegar and lemon juice.


11. Coffee Maker

Brew vinegar inside the coffee maker to make it stain free.

12. Smelly Towels

Soak and wash smelly towels in vinegar and hot water, this would make sure to clean them thoroughly. After that soak them in baking soda and hot water to make them smell good again.

13. Iron Things

Scrub off all the stains of the iron with the help of baking soda and water.

14. Keurig

Works same as cleaning the coffee maker. Just add vinegar to the machine.

15. Smelly Footwear

The blend of Vinegar and water do wonders in this kind of things. Soak everything that has the unpleasant smell in this mixture.

16. Shower Curtains

Run curtain liners in the washing machine with some towels. Will do a great job.

Shower Curtains

17. Yellow Pillows

Add dishwashing detergent with laundry detergent and bleach for turning the yellow pillows white and new again.

18. Water Stained Furniture

Furniture stained with water or even caffeine can be like new again by the use of water and olive oil.

19. Carpet Stains

The all-time king of cleanliness, vinegar, in addition to iron can get rid of all old and mysterious stain on the carpet.

 Carpet Stains

20. Wooden Floors

This is one clever trick. Dye the scratches on the wooden floor with black tea.

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