20 Ways To Read A Person Like A Book

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There are many situations in our life when we wonder what the person is actually thinking about. Human beings may be mysterious, but they can be an open book for observing eyes. To read a person, 55% of the information is got through non-verbal communication, gestures, facial expressions and other movements of our body.

All you have to do is look and observe. Try to get the upper hand in the conversation.

1. Closing Their Eyes

If a person you are talking to close his eyes during the conversation, they are trying to hide from the outside world. They mentally clock out from the conversation and when they close their eyes, you disappear.

2. Covering Their Mouths

This trait has followed us from our childhood. Children often cover their mouths when they don’t want to spit out what have they done wrong. Adults are like that too. If anyone is covering their mouths during the conversation, they are stopping certain words to come out of their mouths. This gesture is often covered with a cough.

3. Chewing Their Glasses

If you see anyone chewing the earpiece of their glasses, try to be compassionate with them. This thing indicates that they are worried about something. When we are worried about something, we tend to chew things like pencil, pen, cigarette even a chewing gum indicated the same thing.

4. ‘Presenting’ The Face

If someone rests their chins on their hands, it means they are trying to say the person of the opposite sex ‘this is me, you can enjoy as much as you want. This trick is pretty neat for the guys. If they want the perfect opportunities to complement their partners, just observe when they do so.

5. Rubbing Their Chin

Generally, when anyone is busy thinking of making a decision, they rub their chins. They can look in any direction while doing so; up, down, left or right. They are not actually seeing what’s before them as they are deep in thoughts. If you come across a friend rubbing his chin, ask him what is on his mind.

6. Crossing Arms

Crossing Arms


It is one of the most common gestures out there. You must often have come across the person doing so.  Crossing our arms mean shutting ourselves with the outside world. This person is often irritated. So if you want to talk to a person with their arms crossed, forget about it.

7. Fixing Posture

A woman would fix her posture if she wants the man to notice her. She would straighten her spine or cross her legs to make her look more attractive. Hands clasp together and hanging down are a sign of huge interest and attention

8. Leaning Forward

You will probably notice it in a group of people. People tend to lean towards the person they are interested in. It’s a sign that the person wants to get to know the other. If you go to a party, sit back and enjoy the view.

9. Leaning Back

The opposite of the previous case. If the person is leaning back, they show that they are tired of the conversation and wants it to end immediately. They want the other person to give them a break. Observe such cases in a restaurant or even when you hang out with your friends.

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10. Swinging On Their Toes

That’s right, adults seem to do it too. A person swinging on his tows mean that he is anxious about something. However, when the person is bouncing up and down on his toes, he feels confident about something. A smile on that person’s face will confirm the fact.

11. Rubbing Their Hands

Rubbing Their Hands


Rubbing of the hands directly links to positive thinking in the brain. It means that the person is feeling positive about the future outcome. Villains can do it too, when the thing positive for them is the awaited outcome, get it?

12. The ‘Glove’ Handshake

When a hand is covered by the free hand during a handshake, it’s the glove handshake. It’s the gesture that the person is trustworthy and compassionate. This handshake is popular among politicians. This handshake also indicates the invasion of personal space. So don’t get fooled by them.

13. A Handshake With Palm Facing The Floor Vs The Ceiling

During a handshake, the palm that faces the floor shows the sign of dominance and superiority. While shaking the hand with your boss, you can tell him that you feel okay with his dominance. It would leave a small positive image. Also, if someone shakes the hand with their hands upwards, it means ‘I am ready to help’.

14. Fixing The Tie

The meaning of this gesture depends on the situation. A man would fix his tie when he sees an attractive woman and wants to make him presentable. However, it also means that the person is feeling uncomfortable about a situation. Maybe he is lying.

15. Putting Their Feet On The Desk

Putting Their Feet On The Desk

This gesture can show a lot of things. Disrespect, bad manners or trying to show who is the boss. Even if you feel comfortable in the posture, psychologists believe that you should not do it anywhere besides your home.

16. Mounting The Chair Like A Horse

This motion is usually done by dominant people. Other people often get agitated by the gesture because the other person feels too comfortable.

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17. Playing With Shoes

Crossing their legs while sitting is one of the most attractive styles a woman sits on. When she does that while playing with her shoe, this shows that she feels calm and relaxed. It can also mean that she is trying to draw your attention to her legs.

18. Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Eyes are the window to the soul. Eye contact can show a lot to the observing person. Lovers look in each other eyes to see themselves. Science proves that when you look to the person you are attracted to or in love with, their pupils tend to get larger 4 times. However, the pupils tend to get smaller when the person is angry and furious.

19. Avoiding Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact typically leads to the person being dishonest with you. But it can also mean other things. It can be a sign of discomfort. If a person has turned the face sideways, it means that he or she might be doing some mental calculation or thinking of the perfect reply for the best outcome.

20. Unbroken Staring

Like it or not, eyes do affect us. If the person is consistently making eye contact with you, it means that he or she is trying to intimidate you or show who is the boss. On the other hand, it can also mean that the person is lying to you. That person would know the fact that avoiding eye contact would bust their ass, so they try hard to make sure they maintain the eye contact.

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