20 Ways to stop Global Warming

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Plant a tree:

A single tree will absorb one ton of Carbon dioxide over it’s lifetime.

Protest and conserve forest worldwide:

Forests play a viral role in global warming. They store Carbon. When forests are burned or cut down, their stored carbon dioxide is released into atmosphere. Deforestation now accounts 20 % of Carbon dioxide emission each year.

Drive less

Take mass transit, walk, bike or carpool more often. By driving less, you will save one pound of Carbon dioxide for every mile.

Fly less

Large amounts of emission are produced by air travel. So reduce how much you fly by. Even one or two trips a year can reduce your emission significantly.

Drive carefully do not waste fuel:

By adjusting your drive style, Carbon dioxide emission can be reduced. Choose proper gears, do not abuse the gas pedal, use the engine brake instead of the pedal brake when possible and turn off your engine when your vehicle is not in motion for more than one minute. Both fuel and money will be saved by readjusting your driving style.

Check your tires

Keeping your tires inflated properly can improve your gas mileage by more than 3 percentage. Every gallon gasoline saved keeps 20 pounds of Carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Change a light:

Replace one bulb regularly with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 150 pounds of Carbon dioxide.

Turn off electronic devices:

Turn off your television, DVD player, stereo, computers etc, when you are not using them. By doing so you can save thousands of pounds of Carbon dioxide a year.

Adjust your thermostat:

Moving your thermostat down just 2 degree in winter and up to 2 degree in summer could save about 2000 pounds of Carbon dioxide a year.

Clean or replace filters on your air conditioners:

350 pounds of Carbon dioxide can be saved by cleaning a dirty air filter.

Warp your water heater in an insulation blanket:

With this simple action, you will save 1000 pounds of Carbon dioxide a year. Another 550 pounds per year can be saved by setting the thermostat in higher than 50 °C.

Use less hot water:

It takes much energy to heat water. Use less hot water by taking shorter and cooler showers. Wash your clothes in cold or warm water instead of hot water. More than 500 pounds of Carbon dioxide could be saved per year.

Recycle more

By recycling just half of your household waste, 2400 pounds of Carbon dioxide can be saved by you per year.

Reuse your shopping bags

When shopping, it saves energy and waste to use a reusable bag instead of accepting a disposable one in each shop. Waste not only discharge Carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, it can also pollute the air, groundwater and soil.

Reuse waste

Greenhouse emission is caused by most of our brought products, in one or another way. E.g during production and distribution. You can save the energy needed to produce new lunch boxes by taking your lunch in a reusable lunch box instead of a disposable one.

Buy organic foods as much as possible

Organic soil capture and store Carbon dioxide at much higher levels than soils from conventional farms. If we grew all of our corn and soya beans organically, we remove 580 billon pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Eat less meat

Methane is the second most significant greenhouse gas and cows are one of the greatest methane emission. Their diet and multiply stomachs cause them to produce methane which they exhale with every breath.

Avoid products with a lot of packaging

By reducing your garbage by 10 percent you can save 1200 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Join the Virtual march

The stop global warming Virtual March is a non-political effect to bring people concerned about global warming together in one place. Add your voice to the hundreds of thousands of other people virging action on this issue.

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