21 Interesting Things To Do In Lockdown

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Social distance is the word that we must have heard more than any time before this, and that’s what we are doing right now. It might be hard, who am I kidding, it is hard, but it is essential at the moment. Our life from school, college, office, even supermarket shopping is confined to our homes. As we can’t do anything about it, we can’t just keep complaining about it either. It is time to start using our given time to do something better than a nap. We can’t just lose ourselves to the lockdown!

1. Develop your skincare routine

With all the pressure of work and study kind of low, why don’t we start working to take care of ourselves more? Look for things that suite your skin type.

2. Download Duolingo

Something productive might be the time you spend in learning a foreign language. You might even have it in your wish list.

3. Try Easy Cooking Yourself

Who knows? You might even upgrade your level than just cooking ramen.

4. Plant Something

And by something, it can even be a potato, avocado, or even mint.

5. Start Drawing

There may be some of you out there who hates drawing. Why don’t just give it a chance, it’s not like you would be wasting any time? If some of you are stuck and no idea what to draw, there are many drawing ideas generators online.

6. Start Journaling

It would be like all those characters in the movie who have written their routine in the diary during bad times. Besides, lockdown days might be more interesting; Day 21, not sure to the eat can 1 or can 2, I’ve made them anonymous.

7. Make List Of Everything You Have To Do After All This

You might want to get out all organized.

8. Watch Films Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

These would be the one that you might be avoiding.

9. Family Time



If you are with your family, spend quality time to make everyday memorable.

10. Re-connecting With Loved One

If you are not with a loved one or a family member, email them daily to tell them what’s it’s like without them.

11. Poetry

They say that a poet is born, not made. How about you find out if you are a poet or not. Don’t worry give it some time, it might come to you.

12. Why Not Learn It

There are some very touching poems and verses out there. Find out the one which excites you the most and learn it by heart.

13. Email To Future Self

Something that you want to tell yourself of the future to live life at every moment.

14. Newspaper Creativity

All those newspapers and magazines laying in the corner, now it’s the time to take them out. Make a collage out of them. Something creative. If stuck, lookup on the internet, there are tons of ideas out there. But make sure to create something original.

15. Enter a Competition

If there is something that you are interested in like writing, drawing or graphic designing, anything, consider entering a competition.

16. Read em’ Out

There are some great books out there. There may be something recommended by someone. What fun would be completing the bingo of books? Try it out

17. Online Book Club

Engaging the book and people who read it with you seems like a good idea.

18. Explore Anime

If you are not familiar with them, you might get surprised they more than just cartoons.

If looking for a recommendation, check out these posts 10 Reasons Why Your Next Anime Should Be Dr. Stone

19. Arrange Your Closet

Organize everything.

20. TikTokaz

It’s not hard.

21. Excercise

Staying at home in lockdown all the time can be a bit stressful. It can also lead to a lack of exercise. Make sure that you stay fit to get out!

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