28 Most Weirdest Laws In The US

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Most of the countries in the world are free and independent. There are, however, many laws that keep the country run smooth and efficient. Take the US for example. Stuffed with laws about everything out there that keeps it running. However, there are some laws in the US that would make you wonder where did they actually come from! The imaginative story behind those laws would definitely be crazy.

Here are some weirdest laws in the United States


1. Faecal Matter?

In Oregon, it is illegal to place a container of human faecal matter at the side of any highway.” There are many concerns I have about this law. Foremost of which is that I would happily believe that someone would do number one in a can and then toss it over to the highway, but faecal matter? Come on!

2. Really Good Food?

 “In Chicago, It is illegal to eat in a place that is on fire.” Was there a time period when people were refusing to leave the restaurant when it was burning to the ground? And to that point, they were all like ‘this is getting out of hands, a lot of people are dying in the restaurants’!

3. Go Ahead, Beat Her

 “In Arkansas, A man can legally beat his wife, but not more than once a month.” How sweet, no matter how many times the husband come home super drunk, he can only beat his wife on the third Thursday of every month.

4. Sleeping Donkey?

Sleeping Donkey law?

 “In Oklahoma, It is illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub at after 7 pm.” Morning, night, noon, dusk, dawn, it doesn’t matter. Why would anyone have a sleeping donkey in their bathtub at all?

5. Duel

 “In Pensylvania, a person is not eligible to become a governor if he/she has participated in a duel.” Checkmark everything if you want to become a governor over there, and no violence.

6. Own A Gun

“In Florida, it is illegal for a doctor to ask a patient if they own a gun or not” When does it even come up in the conversation? ‘Don’t worry you would be alright, just don’t forget to eat these medicines after every meal, by the way, do you have a gun?’

7. Real Treat

“In Tennessee, It is illegal to gather and consume roadkill” ‘That looks one delicious crushed squirrel that was hit by a truck, looks delicious. Big Treat!”

8. Keep Your Promise

Keep Your Promise

“In South Carolin, If a man promises to marry an unmarried woman, the marriage must take place” There must be so many broken-hearted women in South Carolin, they had to make a proper law so no such event take place again.

9. Don’t whistle

“In West Virginia, whistling underwater is prohibited” It is also impossible! No one in the sane mind would do that (unless someone is given a dare).

10. How Unfortunate

How Unfortunate

 “In Wisconsin, when two trains meet at an intersection, neither should proceed until the other has” By far the dumbest law I have ever seen. There may be two trains stuck on the intersection form ten years ago because none of them is allowed to move until the other passes.

11. Bite it

 “In Ohio, the policemen are allowed to bit a dog if they think it will calm the dog down.” No patting, or saying the nice things. And definitely no exercise.

12. Only On Sundays

 “In South Carolina, it is perfectly legal to beat your wife on the courthouse steps on Sundays” How delightful, Sunday morning right after church, just head down to the courthouse steps to take your day out on your wife. And why the steps though?

13. Death Wish?

 “In Alaska, if you see a sleeping bear, it is illegal to wake it up for a photo op” But you can do it if you are done with your life.

14. Motorcyclist Beware

“In Washington, a motorist with criminal intentions must stop at the city limits and inform the chief of police as he is entering the town” ‘Yeah hi, I just wanted to inform that I was heading to the bank on the main street, and I am about to rob it. I have two other gentlemen with me, we all have guns. I plan on shooting some people in the face and I will be there in fifteen to twenty depending on traffic. Yes, thank you, have a good day.’

15. At least Follow This Law murderer

 “In New Jersey, it is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder.” Like a person who is about to head for murder be like, ‘I am going to do a murder, but I should not wear a bulletproof vest, It is breaking the law and I am not a monster.’ On the other hand, it is good because if the other person shoots at him for self-defence, the murderer should die on the spot. There is no place in this world for murders.

16. Don’t Get Wet In The Pool

“In Alaska, it is illegal to get drunk in a bar and remain on the premises.” If not the bar, where those poor people would get drunk then?

17. Like For Real?

Like For Real?

 “In Tennessee, it is illegal to share Netflix login” It must have been so hard. Everyone paying for their own Netflix.

18. So Anyone Else Than Neighbour Is Okay?

 “In Illinois, It is illegal to pee in your neighbour’s mouth.” My main concern about this is, how much of such event had taken place that they had to make a law to stop it. I’m pretty sure that incident like this never happened.

19. It weighs at least about 5000 kg BTW

 “In Colorado, throwing missiles at a car is illegal” Throwing missile? Do they even know how much a missile weigh? And why especially a car? It is perfectly legal to throw a missile at a person?

20. Giraffe

“In Idaho, you may not fish from a giraffe’s back” You can’t just have a giraffe. That too for fishing.

21. Justice For Everyone

“In Michigan, it is legal for a robber to file a lawsuit if they get hurt in your house.” That doesn’t even make any sense. It is such a weird law to begin with. Seriously, what were they thinking!

22. Whale Fishing

Whale Fishing

“In Nebraska, it is illegal to go whale fishing” Whale fishing in Nebraska. If you don’t know, Nebraska is in the centre of US. So my question is, where really are the whales.

23. If Not Highway, The Where?

“In Maryland, persons may not swear while on the highway” It means you would just be pulled over because you are cursing in your car. They have all their ears on you.

24. Who Would Buy It?

“In Taxes, it is illegal to sell one’s eye” Imagine how broke you gotta be, if you just had to sell your eye.

25. Thorns

“In Florida, having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal” I can’t imagine why did they have to make the law in the first place.

Wait for it, the laws are getting weird.

26. Business Is Business

“In Maine, advertisements may not be placed at the cemeteries” I agree with this law, but my question is, who really does that? I wonder if someone’s business would do well if dead people would come to the shop buying the product. And then you would say, it is not for the dead you idiot! It’s for the people who would visit them. Obviously. But it is not like a person be like’I can’ believe grandpa passed away (sniffs) I am going to miss him so much. Oh there is a sale at ****** till 12 pm. (sniffs) we should go there it is already 11:15. The traffic is too much (sniffs).

27. Is It Even Possible?

“In Kentucky, a dog may not molest cars” No comment.

28. Hardest Punishment

 “In Arizona, anyone caught stealing soap must wash themselves with it until its all used up” Such a perfect punishment for such guy. Out of all things, soap. And let’s not ignore the fact that hoe much time would take in it.

I wonder if they really charge people on these laws?

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