5 Most Basic Cooking Skills Everyone Should Know

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It is true that food is our need. But on the other hand, food has become our hobby. We want food when we have nothing to do. In the present day, eating is easier than ever. We don’t even have to step in the kitchen and the food will be ready for us at the doorstep. All of this effortless things aside, but there is something to be said about home-cooked meals. And when you are aware of what are you doing, cooking would no more of a chore to you but something more fun. There must be a reason that its called the art.

Only knowing some tricks can help you nail the basic kitchen skills. Everyone has to start somewhere. Believe me, even top chefs would have cut their fingers and burnt something in their life. Here are the most basic skills you need to know to start from somewhere to impress someone.

1.Chopping Onion

In one way or another, onions are one of the most basic thing being the side dish of every other dish. If not that omelet can be made heavenly by it. For a beginner be careful doing it. After peeling off the skin, take a sharp knife to cut the onion in half. Taking one-half start chopping from the edge. Moving the knife slowly, go till the end. It would be difficult at the beginning. As far as tears are concerned, just dip the onion after peeling it in water for some time. You will be alright.

2.Basic knife skills

Every other thing has different demand to be cut. But before anything, the technique to use the knife is essential. Using a sharp knife and be really careful is the key. Make sure to have someone with you who somewhat have some experience in it.

3.Boiling of egg

This is probably one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen, given that you know how to turn on the stove. Just fill in the pot and put an egg in it and then on the stove. A point that should be kept in mind is that what kind of boiled egg do you want to eat. Following is the time period followed to get the perfect egg you want.

Boiling Eggs

4.Cook Pasta

This is where cooking skills come in. Cooking the pasta is not a rocket science. If one one hand cooking of pasta can be hard for many people as they go through many problems, it can be done perfectly by following the procedure. Pasta cooks really well if it is dipped in a wide pan with a lot of water.

Pouring oil in it would not make any difference for it to not stick because oil just floats on water. Add the salt for taste. Staining the pasta out of the water if is given bath cold water instantly, would ensure that pasta would not stick. It is because when they are even taken out of the hot boiling water, they keep on cooking. Giving them a bath of cold water would take their temperature to normal.

Cook Pasta

5.Melt chocolate

Melting chocolate is considered basics of baking. You may think that malting the chocolate in the microwave or on the non-stick pan on the stove would do good, don’t even think about it. To melt the chocolate, put the chocolate on a non-stick pan over the boiling water. Just in a few moments you would have perfectly melted chocolate.

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