5 Series Out There For Intelligent People

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As far as entertainment is concerned, this is the era, where there is something for everyone. There are people out there working hard to keep everyone entertained.

Among them, Netflix has a prominent place (although cannot exactly call ‘people’, but whatever). It has given the world many shows that can be called ‘smarter-people-shows’. Although they may be entertaining for everyone, not all of them would be able to get the story behind the story. This is the reason the intelligent ones enjoy it much more.

Here are shows that keep the intelligent hooked


Sit Arthur Conan Doyle’s all-time famous Sherlock Holmes has been adapted into many big and small screen. This version, however, surpasses them all.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of the man whose greatest strength is the strength of his brain. The role of Sherlock brought him a lot of deserving compliments.

His sidekick Dr John Watson is played by Martin Freeman. Dr Watson of ‘Sherlock’ is not a sidekick. He is a famous blogger who helps Holmes solve cases. Plus he also the one who keeps puling Holme’s leg into reality.

Fun fact, Dr Watson’s blog is real which also makes this show more interactive.

House Of Cards

Asking someone about this show would tell you that it not for someone with the faint of heart. It is really a deep show that gives clever hints in the political drama.

This show would really be enjoyed by those people who would catch up with all the hints hidden by the writer. One may also compare and contrast it to real-world political conflicts of Clair Underwood’s and Frank’s world. Of course, this show can also be enjoyed who wants adult content, occasional murder and drama. But the key to really enjoy this show is understanding of the out slippery political system.

Breaking Bad

You can not talk about Breaking Bad in the list of intelligence. The characters of the series are amazing in their own way. They are the type of characters you would love and hate at the same time. The show has the ability to hook people more as the plot unfolds.

Walter White is the sick teacher who along with his former troubled student Jesse Pinkman start the production of meth. And then there is a whole series of escalating crime as their business grows. Science lovers would probably love the series as they would tell you how to cook meth and also melt a body into goo.


It is the series with a dark theme when a serial killer becomes a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police department. You can tell what would come next, every step should be taken carefully and smartly planned. So basically this show is from a perspective of a serial killer… who also solves crimes.

The series does not require you to have some kind of special degree or interest in something. You just gotta’ have a good observation. There’s a lot of ins and outs. That’s the reason you won’t be able to miss a single episode. There is a whole phycological mess out there, and people have to understand it.

Stranger Things

It’s the show with loads and loads of thriller and twists which would leave you confused even terrified sometimes. The audience has to gather the pieces to figure out about the missing boy, who the mysterious girl is and also the government experiments. Well, that is nothing compared to an alternative universe which is filled with fear and darkness.

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