5 Video Games With Kick-Ass Female Characters

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When we talk about video games, ‘boys’ immediately come into mind. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore the fact that girls do it too. While mostly influence is taken from boys, girls themselves can be great gamers. If not, there is a realm called the internet that can help them to choose great.

Here are 5 games with kick-ass female characters who would be loved by girls.

1. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series 

A game with a strong storyline that keeps the gamers attached. It is an episodic interactive video game where the players have to make choices that would affect the future story. This game is based on comic book series by Robert Kirkman ‘ The Walking Dead’.

Lee (African-American main player) encounters Clementine accidentally when she escapes her house after her babysitter is eaten by the dead. At first, she is showed as a young eight-year afraid kid. However, as the story grows, so does her mature character. She proves herself to be stronger, maturer and older as with the passage of time who also has a positive impact on Lee.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn

Love science-fiction? Horizon Zero Dawn is a perfect place to start.

The plot is set in time period thousands of years in the future in a post-apocalyptic world where robots have taken over the world and mankind have been reduced to a smattering of the primitive tribes.

Aloy is a young girl, very much human, living as an outcast. What makes this character special is the fact that she is nothing like other typical female characters that have a minimum amount of clothing on them. She is rather presented as a strong female character.

3. Tomb Raider Reboot

Looking for an adventure game? Try out this game.

Tomb Raider is one of the well-known characters in gaming. In this game, Tomb Raider Reboot, we could see amazing character development including Lara’s clothes and realistic body.

As expected, Lara is intellectual, independent and strong that made her stand out among all female characters.

4. The Wolf Among Us: Telltale Games

This game would be best enjoyed if you are looking for a compelling character and string narrative with an interactive game.

The story follows when Bigby (the Big Bad Wolf) vows to bring justice when a Fable gets murdered in Fable Town. This adventure of justice is aided by Snow White (assistant deputy mayor). These characters come to life by Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series.

5. Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is a game that has a great influence from the game ‘Legend Of Zelda’! How?

In ‘Hyrule Warriors’ the gamers are able to select a character from Legend Of Zelda and take those characters to lead an army against the enemy. All these characters include female characters such as Tetra, Linkle(female link), Ruta, Agitha, Fi, Twili, Sheik, Midna, Lana, Toon Zelda, Ravio, Cia and even the Great Fairy herself!

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