6 Biggest Banks Offering Personal Loans

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Nowadays, money is made through various ways by banks. Banks gives loans to their customers, which should must be pay back to the banks with interest on loans. Federal laws and market influences makes the range of interest rates to be narrower, which banks can charge. It is not important to know the numbers. Six largest banks offers rates on their personal loans, which are following;

1. U.S Bank(USB)

The United State Bank, gives the offer for personal loans with the range from $3,000 to $25,000 and make the interest rates as low to the 8.99%. people easily qualify for loans to make energy-efficient improvement to their homes.Hence, there are no yearly fees or bi-lateral conditions, only origination fee for loans will be of $50. People who are the customers of US Bank for more than 120 days, maybe apply online for loans.

U.S Bank(USB)

2. Tornto Dominion Bank (TD)

Tornto Dominion Bank offers the loans ranging from $2000 to $50,000. Customers having many ways to structured their loan. They having options, whether they want to lock in monthly payments, such as traditional unsecured personal loans, customer may acquire personal line of credit, or customers may appeal for collateral with secured loans. Every mentioned option having different terms, but for the customers who take the unsecured personal loans regularly may having the options of the interest rates below 10%.

3. PNC Financial Service Group Inc (PNC)

The bank on seventh-largest number in the United States, in the term of total equity or estate, PNC gives the offers of personal loans ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 which is depending on the loan type. As well as other banks, PNC gives the offer of fixed amount which may be secured or unsecured.Rates are depending on the loans as, rates are as below as 5.99%.

4. Wells Fargo and CO (WFC)

The loan offers from Wells Fargo & CO are ranging from $3,000 to $100,000. There is no charge origination or payment fees. Loans in this bank are easily approved even, green lighting applications take the very low timer of 15 minutes.Rates remain in the place between 7% and 8% for the applicants who having an excellent credit rates.

5. Sun –Trust Banks, Ins (STI)

Sun-trust bank having its own light-stream. It lends money to the individuals for doing anything practically. Light-stream operates solely and the loan rates are as low as compare to other banks. The individuals who are looking to re-finance a car and also having excellent credit may enjoy the low rates upto the 3.99% which depends upon the size and length of loan. The individuals who apply for loans may receive the money on the same day.If there will be any problem seemed by the individuals $100 will be given to them by light-stream.

6. Citigroup Inc (c)

In Citigroup Inc (c), personal loans are approached to be granting by members only which starts from $2,000 and goes upto $50,000 and the interest rates are ranging from 7.99% to 17.99%. The annual income of the applicant should must be at least $10,500. One of the following requirements, must be fulfilled by applicant at least;

  • The applicant having the bank account in application bank for one month at least.
  • They should must have a Citi-linked legal agreement.
  • They must have a Citi-credit card.
  • If their loan is approved, they will be receive their loan checks in mail within the 15 days.Get 15% welcome bonus up to $500.

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