6 Fitness and Health apps to Convert Apple Watch into a personal trainer

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An Apple watch is an amazing advancement in the technology of the present day. Beyond telling the time and displaying notifications, it can also become your personal trainer. Your heart rate can be measured, record physical activities from yoga to swimming, count steps are taken and calories burned, remind you to take breaks from work, and much more.

That’s not all, adding some delicate apps and the wearable would surely enable you to boost your health even more. Here are some Apple Watch’s top fitness apps and see your well-being being nurture right in front of your eyes.

1. Strava


Strava has already become popular activity-tracking smartphone apps among cyclist and runners. It gives the convenience of recording movement from your wrist, by the companion program for Apple Watch so you can leave your phone at home.

Strava app can log workouts from start to finish, displaying your stats such as time, speed, pace, heart rate and distance on the screen, when you wear the watch. When the workout is completed, the summery would be shown on the wearable and then sync this data back to your phone as soon as you return to its range. Comprehensively, Strava will keep track of eight different types of activities ranging from morning jogs or afternoon bike rides to hiking and skiing.

If you don’t want, you don’t need to bu the premium subscription of this app to work functionally. If, however, you choose to go for the premium, extra analysis and further features will help you set the goals.
Strava for iOS, free or $3 to $5 per month for a premium subscription

2. Lifesum


This app would work great for those who want to aim better to eat better and make a food diary for it. Looking for the digital version of this appliance? Lifesum kee the track of everything you eat and drink from your wrist or phone

This app has the honour of having the most comprehensive diet and nutrition tracker we have ever seen for the wearable. The detailed readings of your carbs, protein, and fat intake for the day can be viewed log water intake and scroll back through your meal records without unlocking your phone. The fact is, a demo of it during the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4 was given because of its impressive features.

The good news is that Lifesum offers most of its features for free. Yet, if you go for the $3 monthly subscription, your diet goals would be personalised for you with additional nutrition advice and diet recommendations.

Lifesum for iOS, free or $3 per month for a premium subscription.

3. Streaks


This amazing app is convenient for all those you really not give priority to their health because they are lazy. Streaks to this work for you. It bills itself as a to-do list that helps you form good habits. In other words, you make up your mind on something you want to do regularly like drinking eight glasses of water, sweating through a certain number of push-ups, and so on. This app keeps track that you remember to perform your task day after day. You have the option of specifying 12 different tasks to track, each customized of these goals with colours and icons, which encourage you to keep your streak going. It fuels the motivation of its users as it provides statistics that show you how well your willpower lasts over time.

The Apple Watch companion app lets you log habits or view streaks from your wrist if you prefer to your phone to be unlocked. The developer proposes a special Streaks watch face that clearly shows the daily tasks you still have to check off your list.

Although this app isn’t free, you only have to pay one time without any shelling of paying the monthly or annual subscription.

Streaks for iOS, $5

4. Clue

Period trackers aren’t perfect, but they do come up with a suitable way to monitor your cycle. In addition to its primary function, Clues keep you updated with health information and inspect your data to spot trends and potential health issues. Plus, it syncs between your phone and smartwatch.

From your Apple Watch, you can see the information you’ve already logged and estimate predictions about when your period might begin. Not only is Clue smart, but it’s also convenient to navigate around and a breeze to use, either you’re using the app on your phone or your wearable.

All these conveniences are free, the premium version of Clue, which costs $10 a year or $1 a month, comes with the inclusion intelligent forecasts. It can predict when in your cycle you might experience cramps, premenstrual syndrome, or any other patterns.

Clue for iOS, free or $1 per month for a premium subscription.

5. Gymaholic


If you wear your Apple Watch to the gym, a comprehensive app like Gymaholic will aid you to stick to your schedule. It aids you to plan the session ahead of time, with the assistance of deciding which muscles you want to work and how hard you want to push yourself. Then it gives you a notification with the reminders to make sure you keep on track. Where the app really shines is the little usher demonstration it displays for all exercises in its catalogue, which are a lot!

You don’t need to carry your phone with you with the companion Apple Watch. Just glance at the screen to know the statistics of how to carry a specific activity, as viewed from any angle. When you’re comfortable enough with an exercise, run through your sets and reps, recording your progress on your wearable as you go.

You can enjoy Gymaholic for free, for a week. Subsequently, the app costs $4 a month or $32 a year.

Gymaholic for iOS, $4 per month with a 7-day free trial

6. Nike+ Run Club

Passionate runners, either they own one of the Nike edition models of the Apple Watch or not, should fortify their wearable with the Nike+ Run Club app. As the name suggests, it would be your running partner with providing detailed maps and statistics for each session. But it goes beyond that. For example, you can hear audio trigger that really assists to keep you on course with your target pace. The cool thing about is that you can have friends record these encouragements for you. As the app grasp your habits, you’ll also see your progress over time and receive personalized coaching plans attuned to your own space and target.

What great about the Apple Watch app is that you can get so much of the main app-including mapping features and coached runs, right on your wrist. In addition to this, the design makes everything straightforward you can view the necessary information at a glance even while you’re on the move. Plus, all this is free.

Nike+ Run Club for iOS, free.

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