8 Scientific Reasons (Biology)

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1. Bee die after stinging___ Why ?

It is generally observed that the bees die after stinging a person because the poison gland of the bee is attached to her abdomen. When the bee bites the person and injects the poison into man’s body, the abdomen along with the poison gland gets detached from the body and it becomes impossible for a bee to survive without abdomen therefore she dies.

2. Climbers feel difficulty in breathing at high altitude

Climbers feel difficulty in breathing at high altitude because of low air pressure. As the altitude increases, the air pressure decreases and at hilly areas, a common man feels difficulty in proper breathing.

3. Why do people snore ?

Snoring is a vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound is produced due to obstructed air movement during sleeping causes (a) Throat weakness (b) Obstruction in nasal passage.

4. Why the bats can fly in the dark ?

Bats have the capacity to produce ultrasonic waves. These Ultrasonic Waves are reflected where they hit any object. They helps the bats in flying and finding the path without any difficulty.

5. Why Milk is considered as an ideal food ?

Milk is considered as an ideal food because of following reasons:
a. Contains all constitutes of balanced diet.
b. Milk contains Fats.
c. Milk has high nutritional value because it contains proteins as well as minerals.

6. What is sleep walk ?

There are four stages in sleep cycle. Sleep walk usually occurs during the third and forth stage. These are the deep stages where one experience slow wave sleep. Sleep walk activity varies from person to person. The event is common in childhood any be caused by fatigue from a hard routine.

7. Rain water is more fertile.

Rain water contains more nitrogen than tube-well water which acts as fertilizer and is good for plants and crops.

8. Birds do not urinate.

Birds do not urinate. Kidneys of the birds extract nitrogenous waste from the blood stream but instead of excreting them as urea dissolved in urine, they excrete in the forms of uric acid. Uric acid is least soluble in water, so it is excreted as white paste.

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