8 Sports You Need Guts To Play

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Talking of passion, the first thing that usually comes into mind is art, politics, science, even sports. But some people take their passion and the need to feel alive on another level. There are just a handful of people who have such passion, and it’s true that they cannot be challenged on their courage.

Following is the list of sports guys (maybe girls) need a lot of guts to play or be sure to accept the dare thinking of all possibilities.

1.Mountain Biking

The intense sport of mountain biking requires vigorous determination and a lot of skill. Mountain biking is the off-road sport, mostly on the rocky mountains downhill. The adrenaline of going down with great speed in addition to obstacles is an obsession for some people. Want to add fuel to fire? Try mountain biking on the ice.

2. Sky Surfing

The next step after skydiving is called skysurfing. As the name states, the skydiver has to jump from around 13000 feet with a skateboard attaches to his feet. Falling in the air, he performs surfing style aerobatics. The skateboard is comparably smaller than skateboards of other sports. A person needs the average experience of 200 skydiving jumps to perform the sports. The skysurfer knows all the things he is risking, on top the list is his life. There is a reason that its existence has become rare to non-existent. Jerry Loftis the founder of Surfline, in 1998, made the first and only skyboard manufacturing company. A small community shrunk even smaller.

3. Street Luge

This extreme sport is basically the combination of skateboarding, sledging and steel gut. The riders use wheeled sledge and surf on the road with the speed of 60 Km/h (or more). On the side note, there are no special roads, just use the ordinary one, preferably with less traffic. Besides, there are special breaks on board. If you love your bones and neck, be sure to wear specialized gear.

Street Luge

4. Bungee Jumping

The little sister of skydiving, still a relative. Bunjee jumping requires extreme height and long rubber cord that would be tied firmly to your toes as you jump. The height should be of average 22 storeys which are around 83 meters. May not sound much, but the jumper can have injuries on their spinal cords due to great tug, while eyes and neck can also be affected. If want to take another step in bungee jumping, pay 10,000$ for bungee jumping from a helicopter into the volcano.

5. Wingsuit Jump

Most of us know wingsuit jumping best from the movie “Point Break”. Wingsuit jumping is jumping from a very high place wearing a special suit to glide in the air like an eagle. The special suit is made for this intense sport for guiding which should be neither too tight or loose. It’s most close to what you need to be superman with 140-160 mph. The jumper needs the experience of 200 skydiving jumps before getting the licence for wingsuit jump.

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6. Running Of the Bulls

Not exactly considered in sports, running of the bulls is confined to 9 days long festival in Spain. This is basically running on the road surrounded with a barrier which requires only two minutes. However, these two minutes can be hard when 6 vicious bulls are running after. Hundreds are injured in this festival every year, not that special equipment is required.


7. Solo Climbing

Becoming all Tarzan on rocky mountains without any restrictions is solo climbing. And by restrictions, I mean anything that would save you from injuries, or worst death. The thing that would be helpful is good grip and quality climbing shoes. The soloist need to have “grip of death” when your literally “holding on for your dear life”! Observers may think that they have a death wish, but this very thing gives them the feeling of life.

Solo Climbing

8. Highlining

This extreme sport requires more skill than sheer guts. Highlining is tread on a narrow springy band of ropes high from the ground. And by high, it meant from 170-9,000 feet above the ground. Balance up in the air requires more than concentration, it requires complete control of your body.


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