8 Traits Of Successful People By Richard St. John

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We are surrounded by different people. Some are in our social circle and some are out of it. Some of them even are on the T.V that we admire form the screen. Wherever they may be, there would always be some people characterized in our mind with the label ‘successful’ on them.

Definition of ‘successful’ varies with person to person. Some people may find success in money some in love, but whatever the reason may be, everyone wants to get successful. All those people have to go to different struggles and hardship in life to reach where they are. But there are, however, few common traits in all those people that make them what we call successful.

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The following 8 points are the extract of 10 years of research by Richard St. John who interviewed hundreds of successful people in every field of life. Knowing and studying how these people got success in life, 8 common traits came out of all these people.

From one glance you would surely think ‘this is such a stereotype!’ but look at them closely and evaluate yourself what are you lacking from this list that is stopping you to success.

1. Passion

I consider people who find passion early in their life really lucky. Find your passion. Once you have it, do not let it go. You know what they say right, follow your passion and you don’t have to work your whole life.

2. Work

A raw stone needs to go through a process and work to become a rare gem. Work because it has to be done.

3. Focus

The world is full of distractions. Let me rephrase that. The world of today is full of distractions. Revolve your life around this passion and o not let anything come in the way.


4. Push

Once you know what you have to do, you feel like the whole world is going against you including yourself. Push against all those forces. Do not fall in the trap of negativity and discouragement. Push yourself.

5. Ideas

Come up with ideas that would make your passion meaningful.

6. Improve

There is always room for improvement. Strive for perfection.

7. Serve

The passion should not be just about me, me and me. Take out something from it that will make it worth to pursue it.

8. Persist

Success is not about overnight success. Self-discipline is one of the hardest things to conquer, but once you do, there is nothing in the world to stop you to reach your success.

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