8 Uses of Curd for hair and skin

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1. Face Cleanser and Scrub

Mix two tablespoon of curd with one tablespoon of rice flour and gently scrub on your face.Set it for twenty minutes on your face and wash off with luke warm water.This will help in face cleansing.


2. Anti Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff in hairs is awful,you can get rid of it by curd.Grind six to seven peppers and mix in two tablespoon of curd.Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave it for about half an hour and then wash with a mild shampoo.

3. For Skin Infection

Soak guaze in curd added with a pinch of turmeric powder.Apply it on affected area.Repeat this procedure for six to seven times a day to get quick relief.

skin infection

4. For Removing Sun Tan

Every person wants a equal tone skin and wants to remove sun tan.Mix one tablespoon of curd with pinch of Turmeric powder.Apply it on tanned areas.Leaves it for twenty to twenty-five minutes and wash off with luke warm water.

5. As Moisuriser

Mix Two teaspoon of multani mitti(Fullers Earth) with curd and apply it on your face.Let it dry and wash it off with face wash that suits your skin.



6. To Reduce Hairfall

Mix some amount of curd with two teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder and apply it on your scalp.Let it set for about one hour and then wash with a mild shampoo.Repeat this remedy twice a week to stop hairfall.

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7. Dark Circle

Dark circles under eyes are not eye catching instead a person with dark circles looks like a zoombie.Dip a cotton ball in a curd and place it on your eyes.Keep the cotton ball on your eyes for ten minutes and the wash your eyes.

dark circles

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8. For Hair growth

Mix curd and amla powder together and apply it on scalp and length of the hairs.Let the mixture to set it for one hour and after one hour wash it off with a mild shampoo.Repeate this remedy thrice a week to get better results.

hair growth



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